Jeanne d'Arc

Who was Joan of Arc?

A shepherdess like no other. 😄

This blog post was channeled directly from Joan of Arc.

Her story

Joan of Arc or Jeanne d’Arc, was born in 1413 in France.

She hears voices while she is keeping the sheeps, asking her to liberate the kingdom of France.

After a victorious epic, Jeanne was burned alive in Rouen in 1431 at the age of 18, for heresy.

She was later rehabilitated and sanctified.

Arbre lumière

Who was she really?

But where does this extraordinary teenager come from?

Joan of Arc is an avatar, in other words an awakened soul who is reincarnated to serve as an example.

She is in constant connection with the divine: by taking up arms, she has total confidence in her intuitive guidance.

A saint with a pure heart, she is also a great priestess of the Order of Magdalenes, those women in the service of humanity.

Jeanne is not afraid. She knows that she is destined for an extraordinary life, and that she will be betrayed and murdered.

The legacy of Joan of Arc

Inspired, she helps win important battles. She shows us that facing difficulties helps to overcome them.

A simple teenage shepherdess who becomes an internationally renowned war leader: something completely unthinkable at the time. With faith, we can all accomplish great things.

Joan of Arc’s courage has stood the test of time. As with Jesus, her death reminds us that we are eternal beings, on a temporary mission on Earth.

She is also a rebel, going against the established order. She encourages us not to follow the ready-made paths, but to dare to follow our own path of life.

Moreover, her earthly mission to restore the sovereignty of her country symbolically encourages us to restore our own sovereignty.

Nuages rouges

A source of inspiration

Joan of Arc is available as a mentor to anyone who wishes to do so.

She can accompany us as an ascended master, and protect us.

She encourages us to listen to our inner selves.

In times of difficulty, we can ask for her help.

Jeanne can become an inspiring presence in our daily lives.

Lac oiseaux


Who was Joan of Arc?

An extraordinary heroine, whose incarnation was meant to inspire humanity.

Her main message is that we can trust our inner wisdom.

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