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What to do in case of hemorrhoids?

Certainly not sitting on it like nothing happened. 😄

What is a hemorrhoid?

Everyone has hemorrhoids, which are small blood vessels located around the anus.

Pathological hemorrhoids occur when the veins dilate.

These are anal varicose veins, which can cause:

  • Itchiness around the anus.
  • Bleeding.
  • Pain.

Hemorrhoidal disease may require surgery.

Piles are often a taboo, even though more than half of the Western population suffers from them.

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  • Emotional memories.
  • Pushing to evacuate stools.
  • Fat or spicy foods.
  • Intestines clogged with waste.
  • Irritation caused by toilet paper.

In case of haemorrhoids, it is advisable to see a doctor.

Natural solutions

In addition to medical treatment, there are some options for getting better.


The anus is an emotional valve.

Every time I feel like scratching, it’s an emotional wound that wants to be expressed.

I can’t heal my hemorrhoids in the long term if I don’t explore the emotional side.

In general, there are several emotions:

  • Anxiety.
  • Desire to expel my darkness.
  • Fear of my unconscious wounds.
  • Fear of not being myself.
  • Injustice.
  • Stress in front of responsibilities.

I discover how to manage my emotions.

Stop the itch

In order to calm the piles, it is necessary to stop scratching.

When I have an itch, I can accept the memory that comes with it.

In parallel, I can use a soothing cream.

Changes in the toilets

Toilet paper is convenient, but it’s not natural.

It irritates the anus, which promotes hemorrhoids.

It’s better to wash with cold water than to scrub with paper.

Also, straining when passing stool reinforces hemorrhoidal disease.

The causes of constipation should be explored before dealing with hemorrhoid.

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Natural remedies

To reduce the dilation of the anal veins, I can use :

Therapeutic soap

A gentle, neutral, soothing soap is a must.

Why not creating it myself, with the ingredients that suit me?

I discover the recipe of the therapeutic home-made soap.

Colon detox

If the intestines are overloaded with toxins and waste, intestinal absorption is reduced.

Fatty and spicy foods are not properly broken down.

Thus, they promote inflammation of the rectum.

A colon detox is recommended in case of hemorrhoidal pathologies.


To a lesser extent, some foods may help soothe pain and itching:

  • Apple.
  • Tomatoes.
  • Whole rye.
  • Potato.
  • Garlic.
  • Pear.
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What to do in case of hemorrhoids?

There are several natural solutions, however the main one is emotional introspection.

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