What is the Sophia Code?

I promise, no spoilers! 😄

Who is Kaia Ra?

Kaia Ra is an American medium who practices intuitive guidance.

She tells her path in the preface of the book.

She lived a painful childhood, from which she took a long time to recover.

As such, the channeled writing of The Sophia Code has accompanied her deeply.

Kaia Ra is a pseudonym she uses to protect her privacy.

She is regularly attacked in the media, and accused of making things up for business.

However, it is enough to read The Sophia Code to become aware of the depth of the message.

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What is Sophia?

Sophia came to Kaia Ra on a winter evening in 2009, near Mount Shasta in California.

Suddenly, the house began to vibrate intensely, and a white light blinded the young woman.

She heard a thundering voice, which declared, “I am Sophia, the divine Mother One, creator of all Life!”

She finally understood that Sophia is God, who asked her to write a book: “Her love letter to humanity.”

Kaia Ra wondered who would believe in this story. She agreed all the same to write the book.

What is the Code for?

The Sophia Code allows to :

  • Heal myself from many emotional wounds.
  • Welcome the grace of Sophia.
  • Embody the sovereign power of my higher self.
  • Realign myself with my divine mission.
  • Connect my DNA to my divine crystalline genome.
  • Download multidimensional blocks of information.
  • Receive spiritual guidance.
  • Accept duality, and understand that we are all one.
  • Love.
  • Claim my divine heritage and awaken my divine qualities.
  • Activate and expand my consciousness.
  • Transform myself.
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The Sophia code: what is it?

The book presents the teachings of Sophia, through the voice of the Ascended Master High Council called the Sophia Dragon Tribe.

The Sophia Code is a sacred text containing Keycodes that activate my divine genome.

It offers insight into the divine feminine Christ movement being activated on Earth.

It contains the life stories and teachings of 7 divine feminine Ascended Master mentors:

  • Isis.
  • Hathor.
  • Green Tara.
  • Mother Mary.
  • Mary Magdalene.
  • Guan Yin.
  • White Buffalo Woman.

What do these mentors teach?

Each Ascended Master has her own Keycode, which activates the divine power of the Sophia Code within me.

The guiding presence of these women, as inspirational mentors, is comforting.

They give us powerful initiations that can be read aloud.

The Dragon Tribe transmits the unconditional love of Sophia.

Is this book for me?

The Code should appeal to me if:

  • I am on a spiritual journey.
  • I am open to subtle worlds and ascended masters.
  • I wish to find the divine feminine Christ within me.

It is presented as an introductory volume, before other books to come.

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What is the Sophia Code?

It is a book that aims to awaken humanity to its role as a sovereign species.

It is recommended reading if I am in the midst of a spiritual awakening, as it helps to awaken my consciousness of Christ Sophia.

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