What is the paranormal?


Afraid of ghosts? Sensitive souls, refrain from reading the rest of this article! 😄

What is it?

The paranormal is a generic term that encompasses several things.

Fortunately, it is possible to get rid of it.

It is an occult science that includes :

Black magic

Black magic is the use of witchcraft rituals for the purpose of harm.


  • Satanic rituals.
  • Voodoo dolls.
  • Animal sacrifices.
  • Spells.


A curse is the result of a deep hatred towards someone.

Thus, an energetic burden is placed on the person, and possibly on his or her descendants.


Some people may make a pact with malicious energies.

Usually, this involves trading free will for a material benefit.

Pacts can also be passed on from generation to generation.


Bewitching someone means preventing them from being themselves.

Thus, the bewitched person will be prone to suffer from various ailments and problems.


Entities are energetic parasites, which influence behavior, words and thoughts.

They attach themselves to certain people with low vibrations.

Example: a miser can attract entities that will reinforce his stinginess.


Possession is the taking of control of the personality by several entities.

The possessed person is no longer completely him or herself.

He/she attracts rejection from those around him/her.

How to protect from the paranormal?

The first thing to do is to take care of yourself.

A person who leads a happy and fulfilled life will be less likely to attract and suffer from the paranormal.

So introspection is more effective than a amulet or a talisman.

Then, if things get out of control, you can call in a specialist.

Cygne nuit

Why does the paranormal exist?

The paranormal only harms if we are afraid.

The main risk is to believe that it exists as such.

It is our fears that create the paranormal, not the other way around.

We attract the paranormal into our lives to understand our fears.

They are the foundations on which it can spread.

Paranormal events are human co-creations based on fear and ego.

Good and evil are constructions of the relative (duality) that do not exist outside of embodied experience.

The objective of the Soul, through the different incarnations, is to return to unity.

That is, to become aware of the illusion of separation, in order to reconnect with our divine nature.

How to get better?

The main purpose of the paranormal is to generate evolution.

We evolve when we transmute our emotions.

And we have many unconscious fears related to black magic.

We have often inherited emotions from paranormal experiences in other lives.

The blocked emotions within us are our dark side.

Rather than rejecting them, we should accept them.

By transmuting the emotions that arise, we stop attracting the paranormal into our lives.

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What is the paranormal?

It is a set of practices or consequences that impact negatively on people’s lives.

However, we can see the paranormal as a tool to highlight our fears.

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