What is the law of attraction?

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How to make the most of it?

How does it work?

The law of attraction is about attracting what we want into our lives.

It is a popular tool in personal development.

The law is based on the following principles:

By aligning all parts of ourselves towards the same direction, we will achieve it.

However, it is best if all sailors agree on the destination of the ship.

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How to use the law of attraction?

Writing down your goals works remarkably well:

  • Set a realistic goal with a specific date.
  • Write it down on paper.
  • Talk about it with others.
  • Move towards your goal every day.

A famous example is Jim Carrey, who wrote himself a fake check for $10 million for acting services rendered, dated 3 years later. Just before the due date, he received his first big fee for the movie Dumb and Dumber… $10 million!

I have long used this technique of writing my goals myself. It has yielded impressive results. Example: on February 28, 2014, I got a new job in aerospace. 3 days before the date, I signed my contract.

However, after a while I realized that the goals we set for ourselves in our minds are not necessarily aligned with our path of life.

Creators of our lives

Every thought, every statement, every emotion is creative.

We do not create in the moment, it takes some time to materialize.

If we are convinced at all levels that something will manifest, then it will manifest.

What is important here is “at all levels”. Let’s not forget the unconscious level!

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Unconscious beliefs are often more powerful than conscious will.


  • I have a goal to become rich.
  • I write in my notebook: “On such date, I have 1 million euros in assets.
  • I align my will, my thoughts (through visualization), my speech and my actions towards this goal.
  • However, I have the unconscious belief that rich people are selfish.
  • There is a good chance that I will not achieve my objective.

Another example:

  • I make the following statement: “I get a bicycle as a gift for my birthday.”
  • However, I have a limiting belief that I don’t deserve to receive what I want. It comes from my family lineage.
  • The belief takes precedence over the positive affirmation.

How to free yourself from beliefs?

An unconscious belief that limits us is like a computer program running in the background, controlling our lives.

It is estimated that 95% of our actions are defined by our beliefs.

There are several ways to free yourself from beliefs.

In my opinion, the simplest is to explore the emotion that anchors the belief and gives it energy.

By releasing blocked emotions, we can free ourselves from unconscious beliefs.



What is the law of attraction?

It is the principle that we attract what we give energy to.

If we think about something often, we are likely to attract it.

In this way, we create our life.

To enjoy the benefits of the law of attraction, it is important to align our unconscious beliefs with thoughts, words and actions.

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