Spiritual explanation of karma

No, it’s not falling down in the street after making fun of someone. 😄

Popular belief

We have a false interpretation of karma: if we act wrongly, we will get a backlash, like a punishment from destiny.

If we do something bad, then something bad will automatically happen to us.

This is tantamount to believing in fate, in the fact that life events depend on a divine justice.

This is contrary to the divinity of being: we are the creators of everything that happens to us.

Obviously, since we create our reality from our beliefs, the one who believes in this false definition of karma will suffer it.

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What is the true meaning of karma?

It is linked to the concept of reincarnation.

Karmas are all the memories we carry from our other incarnations:

  • Emotional memories from other lives.
  • Positive and inspiring experiences.

These unconscious memories influence our behavior and actions, and what we attract: this is the law of attraction.

Amy has a phobia of the sea. During a session with a therapist, she discovers that she died of drowning in another life. The emotional acceptance allows her to gradually regain serenity when she goes swimming.

So yes, our past actions have an impact on our present life. There is a cause and effect relationship.

However, not in the sense that we understand it: it is not a punishment. We unconsciously attract events, to understand our emotional wounds, which are ready to be accepted.

An army commander in another life, who killed thousands of people, attracts guilt situations into his life. Once he makes peace with himself, the guilt dissolves.

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How to dissolve karma?

Emotional memories come from various origins:

  • From our current life, especially from childhood.
  • From our family lineage, this is transgenerational.
  • From our other lives, this is karma.

Through emotional acceptance processes, it is possible to heal these wounds and traumas, and achieve karmic cleansing.

In this way, we can gradually lighten our baggage.

Find out how to deal with your emotions.

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What is karma?

It is a set of themes inscribed in us from other incarnations that influence our lives.

Learning emotional acceptance allows us to dissolve karma.

Who am I?

My name is Geoffrey Métais, and I am an emotional and trauma therapist. I can help you feel better and blossom.

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