What is the ego?

It’s the little voice in my head that tells me I know better. 😄

Where does ego come from?

Love is the unifying force in the Universe.

Without love, nothing exists. Love is my natural state.

My Soul, my Higher Consciousness, are all love.

When I incarnate, when I am born, the little baby that I am is only love.

I will gradually bump into emotions and belief systems that will condition me.

My unconditional love will protect itself so as not to be hurt.

This is how I build a personality based on my fears: the ego.

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The consequences of egoism

An ego-based world leads to :

  • The search for power.
  • Competition.
  • Individualism.
  • Over-consumption.
  • Conflict.

Egos are not the culprits.

There’s no one to blame, I just need to become aware so that I can change things.

Spiritual awakening consists in assimilating that I have built myself on emotions that are not my true nature.

How to spot the ego?

The personality takes control of my thoughts and behavior.

It can manifest itself in various forms:

  • Wanting to be better.
  • Wanting more.
  • Wanting to be right.
  • Wanting to be recognized.

So I identify with the character I have constructed, who thinks is isolated.

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What is the ego for?

The ego is a soldier put in place by my unconscious mind.

It serves to protect me from my fears (mainly the fear of not being loved) without suffering too much.

The ego allows me to become aware of who I really am.

I can see it as a tool to bring to light the underlying fears.

How to free the ego?

Only the ego wants to kill the ego.

Rather than resenting it, I can accept these buried fears.

During spiritual awakening, I understand that my ego is only a mental construction intended to protect me.

Thank you, ego, you were useful in building me up, but now I can be myself.

Thus, by accepting my emotions, the ego dissolves itself progressively.

I no longer need to protect myself, that I no longer need to be afraid.

Behind the identity (ego) is the individuality: my gifts and faculties, as well as my incarnation purpose.

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What is the ego?

It’s a protective friend, a part of myself that I can accept and love.

Behind the ego are many fears.

Observing it is a first step towards rediscovering my deepest self.

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