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The energetic explanation of telepathy

It’s talking on the phone without a phone. 😄

Telepathy: definition

Telepathy is the act of communicating mentally.

Sometimes we pick up the thoughts of others without even knowing it.

Channeling is a form of telepathy.

It can be practiced at a distance, even thousands of miles away.

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Who can do it?

We can all telepathize.

Telepathy is one of the first extrasensory abilities that open up upon spiritual awakening.

It is common for infant twins to talk to each other telepathically.

It is the means used to communicate with animals and plants.

How does telepathy work?

We are all energy, and we are all quantumly connected.

We are like drops of water fluctuating in the ocean, all connected to each other.

Thought is also an energy which can be transmitted, a bit like the song of a whale.

Emotions are also energies, which can distort the message.

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How to communicate telepathically?

We can enjoy receiving each other’s thoughts.

Or we can try to channel messages from our spirit guides, for example.

At first it will be difficult to differentiate the thoughts of the mind from the words received.

Intuitive writing is a good way to start.

Be calm

The reliability of a telepath depends directly on his or her emotional state.

When we are grounded and present, the information is clearer.

When we are stressed, many thoughts can interfere.

Emotional transmutation

Telepathic communication can be blocked by emotions.

Example: I was unable to channel for several months. A therapist helped me to release a strong emotion from my adolescence related to my mother. Two hours later I was receiving messages telepathically again.

The first step to awakening our telepathic abilities is emotional transmutation.



What is telepathy?

It is a supra-conscious ability that we all have, which allows to communicate through thoughts.

Telepathy is certainly destined to develop in the coming years.

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