How does spagyria work?

A hard word to spell serving health. 😄

Spagyric medicine

Spagyria, or plant alchemy, was developed by Paracelsus (1493-1541), an inspired physician and alchemist.

It is a method of extracting the main elements from plants:

  • The essences.
  • Active compounds.
  • Mineral salts.
  • Trace elements.
  • Energy.

They are then combined into a spagyric essence, in the form of a tincture (diluted in alcohol).

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Extraction process

The methods used are natural and traditional.

The plant, preferably organic, is harvested when specific astrological conditions are met.

The alchemical processes of elaboration are precise and complex, and include :

  • Maceration.
  • Distillation.
  • Fermentation.
  • Calcination.

The entire protocol takes several months.

It is not only a matter of extracting the therapeutic components of the plant, but also of purifying and potentiating them. For example, the use of a Tibetan bowl can help to increase the energy of the elixir during its manufacture.

Les méthodes utilisées sont naturelles et artisanales.

Benefits of spagyric essences

By concentrating and maximizing all the benefits of the plants, the spagyric extract has amazing medicinal properties.

In comparison, an essential oil does not contain all the active compounds, minerals and trace elements.

Therapeutic benefits

The advantages depend on the type of plant used. For example, ginger strengthens muscles.

A spagyric elixir has an action on :

  • The physical body.
  • The energy body.
  • The spiritual body.

It can be used :

  • For external use.
  • As a food supplement.
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Where to find spagyric elixirs?

Not all spagyric practitioners are equal.

If technical mastery is essential, the quality of the plants and the vibrations of the spagirist also play a role.

The objective is to obtain a high-frequency and flawless spagyric essence.

How to choose an essence?

As with any therapeutic supplement, it is not easy to identify which spagyric extracts we need.

There are of course advisors for spagyric essences.

However, the most effective way is to ask the body directly, through my felt sense.

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What is spagyria?

It consists in gathering the quintessence of the active components of a plant.

Spagyric elixirs are therapeutic and energetic concentrates.

As such, they are the most effective herbal products.

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