How to easily identify my ikigai?

No it’s not a trendy Japanese gadget, but a trendy ancient wisdom. 😄

Ikigai : definition

Ikigai is a concept from Japan that can be translated as “reason for being”.

It is similar to the path of life.

It is a passion that can become my job.

Everyone has an assigned ikigai.

The famous centenarians of Okinawa Island have perfectly assimilated this concept, described as one of the main reasons for their longevity.

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Why having an ikigai?

  • To promote my personal and professional fulfillment.
  • To do what I enjoy.
  • To appreciate the details.
  • To guide my choices.
  • To keep me busy and physically fit.
  • To give meaning to my life.

How to identify my ikigai?

I have the keys to identify my own path.

Look inside

Often, I hesitate between several paths.

It is within me that I can find the answer.

I can take a few minutes each day to listen to my deepest aspirations.

By trusting my felt sense, I can go towards the option that best suits me.



Finding your ikigai is an introspective process, which can take time.

It is done step by step.

There may be some barriers that prevent me from growing:

  • My emotional wounds.
  • My beliefs.
  • My family, educational and social conditioning.

An introspection is often necessary to free myself from what prevents me from being myself.

Doing what I love

Often, I do a job that I don’t really like.

Only some people describe their job as a passion: they have found their ikigai.

The more I explore new things, the more I move towards what drives me and what I like, the closer I get to it.

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What is ikigai?

It is a Japanese principle corresponding to the happiness of being busy.

It consists in aligning myself with my essence.

When I do what I love, I can improve my quality of life.

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