What is higher consciousness?

It is to stop believing that I am only a physical body.

Higher consciousness: definition

The higher consciousness is my essence.

It is also called :

  • Higher self or self.
  • Deep self.
  • Overself.
  • Super-conscious.
  • Supraconscious.
  • Quantum double.

This is my double of light.

Every night, when I sleep, I reconnect to my deepest self, through my spiritual body.



My higher consciousness contains the program defined by my soul at the time of incarnation:

  • My path of life.
  • My qualities.
  • My experiences to be lived.

I am the holographic materialization of this pure source of light.

Why am I not perfect then?

Because at the moment of incarnation, I have inherited a heavy emotional baggage, decided by my soul.

Emotions interfere with communication with higher consciousnesses.

They are the obstacles that allow me to transcend myself.

The more I accept my emotions, the more I express my light.

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Why do I need a conscious higher self?

My soul decides to evolve by incarnating in many lives.

For each life, it creates a consciousness that contains the incarnation data.

If my soul is a tree, my higher consciousness is the small branch at the end of which grows a leaf: my body.

I incarnate thinking I am separate from everything, thanks to the ego that thinks it is in control.

As I listen to my inner guidance, I reconnect to the supraconscious, and thus to the whole.

In this way, I can regain control over my being.

How to connect to my higher consciousness?

Under hypnosis, I can reconnect with this part of myself, and let it express itself.

The higher consciousness is endowed with immense wisdom, and it can be quite impressive to listen to it.

It is connected to absolute knowledge, which is called the akashic records.

My superconscious mind therefore has the answers to all my questions.

When I listen to my intuition, I am actually connected to that part of me that guides me.

One of the best tools for connecting to the deeper self is the felt sense.



What is the higher consciousness?

It is my inner light, which expresses itself through the little voice that guides me.

The awakening of consciousness is what allows me, through emotional acceptance, to reconnect to my essence.

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