What is free will?

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In spirituality, freedom of choice is an essential notion.

What is free will?

It is the free choice to do what we want in life, and to experience the result.

Of course, there are physical constraints: I can’t fly through the air, just if I decide to by thought.

Free will is a universal law.

At every moment of our existence, we have the freedom to make decisions.

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Be the creator of your life

Free will allows us to create in every moment.

We are creating our lives right now with our thoughts and emotions.

This allows us to choose what we will experience; and makes us responsible for our life and everything that happens to us.

Life is like a red carpet that unfolds as we move forward.

The future is not yet written.

The future is a creation that we make.

This is what we call being the creator of our life.

The path of life

Certainly, our higher consciousness defines the major stages that it would be good to live: people, places, events, challenges.

This is the path of life: the reasons why our Soul decides to incarnate.

But destiny is not fixed.

Free wills can go in the opposite direction to what we are supposed to live.

This happens when the ego overrides the intuition.

This is neither bad nor good.

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We are guided to a path that suits us, but we are free to take another.

If we make decisions based on the ego, it is likely to lead to suffering.

Suffering is life’s way of bringing us back to our path.

Unconscious beliefs

Free will is decision making at a conscious level.

However, much happens at other levels, which we do not control.

We think we are in control of our lives.

However, our actions and thoughts are conditioned by unconscious patterns. These are the results of our blocked emotions.

It is estimated that our unconscious beliefs control 95% of our lives.

Without knowing it, we repeat the patterns of our family lineage, for example.

The best way to free ourselves from these conditionings is to undertake an emotional release.



What is free will?

It is the power to do what we want, at any given moment.

Free-will takes us where we want to go.

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