Findhorn, stronghold of plant communication

Or how talking with giant vegetables can bring you fame. 😄

Findhorn’s history

In 1962, Eileen Caddy, Dorothy Maclean and Peter Caddy were on the path of spiritual awakening.

They were in touch with the invisible worlds, and in particular with the plant devas.

They had such faith in their intuitive guidance that they did not question living in a caravan, near a rubbish dump, in difficult conditions.

The garden began on a sandy plot of land that was deemed non-cultivable. But by receiving and applying the plants’ messages, they were able to grow in an extraordinary way. The gigantic vegetables soon attracted attention.

They were gradually joined by enthusiastic and inspired people of all ages and backgrounds.

The Findhorn Foundation, a charitable trust, was created.

The three founders, now deceased, continue to be a source of inspiration.

Caravane Findhorn
The original caravan

Where is Findhorn located?

Findhorn is located in Forres, a wet land in the north of Scotland, and is spread over 2 sites:

  • Cluny Hill.
  • The Park, an ecovillage.

Findhorn’s spiritual community comprises over 400 residents.

What are its principles?

The 3 founding principles are :

  • Deep inner listening.
  • Co-creation with nature.
  • Love in action.

These principles are reflected in the community activities. Before and after each activity, participants gather in a circle, to reconnect with themselves and nature, and to express gratitude.

Watching the old Findhorn Foundation documentaries, one is struck by one thing: even half a century ago, plant communication was a matter of course.

If the garden was at the heart of the initial project, it was decided to apply the same principles to humans.

Eco village

Nature is a constant source of inspiration for the members of the community:

  • Listening to oneself and to others.
  • Helping each other.
  • Unconditional love.

Many cultural and artistic activities were integrated: meditation, music, dance, etc.

What is Findhorn like today?

The organisation has survived many difficulties over the decades.

It has the merit of continuing to exist and to continually reinvent itself.

Findhorn’s goals include:

  • Inner transformation.
  • Awakening of consciousness.
  • Communion with nature.

Workshops are held regularly. I recommend the Experience Week, an inspiring introduction to Findhorn principles.

The residents are generous and committed people who make an impact on society.

The community acts as an incubator for organisations offering social and environmental solutions. For example, by organizing meetings with the leaders of major companies.

Spirale jardin


What is Findhorn?

It is one of Europe’s most famous spiritual communities, celebrating 60 years of existence.

Based on solid experience, the Findhorn model is an inspiration today.

As a pioneer in communicating with the subtle, and in particular with nature, the Findhorn Foundation is well placed to help create a new world.

Who am I?

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