What is EFT?


What is the common link between the unconscious, emotions and tapping yourself? 😄

EFT: definition

EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique, was founded in the United States in 1993 by Gary Craig, in an attempt to connect Chinese medicine and psychology.

It is rapidly gaining popularity, both with psychologists and individuals.

Tapping is a powerful tool for emotional transmutation, which I can practice by myself.

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How to proceed?

  • Identify a concern, emotional or physical.

Example: “I feel nervous” or “I have a toothache“.

  • Tap the edge of the hand, while repeating the affirmation 3 times: “Even though I have this problem, I accept myself and my emotions.
  • Stay in the emotion, while touching a series of points called “round”, and expressing aloud what comes.

Example: “I’m upset because she disrespected me. I’m really pissed off.

  • Think back to the initial situation. If emotions remain, repeat one or more rounds of tapping.

How does EFT work?

By saying my emotions out loud, I relieve myself.

Indeed, emotions often need to be expressed.

By also expressing acceptance and support, I receive the appropriate response that I need.

The points that are defined by the EFT process are inspired by acupuncture points.

Thus, tapping while talking helps to :

  • Express what is in my heart.
  • Distract my mind (already busy talking and tapping at the same time) to allow direct access to the unconscious mind.
  • Release the blocked energy of the emotion.
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How to learn?

It is easy to learn the basics of EFT.

The first step is to have a few sessions with a professional to see if the method suits me.

There are many certified EFT practitioners.

If it works, I can learn how to do it myself.

There are several trainings available, both online and in person.


Scientific research is looking into Emotional Freedom Technique, and some benefits have already been proven.

Which diseases?

It has shown encouraging results in cases of :

  • Stress.
  • Anxiety.
  • Phobias.
  • Pain.
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
  • Addictions.
  • Sleep disorders.
  • Back pain and lumbago.


Once the basics of the EFT method is integrated, I can go further thanks to intuition.

Each person is different, and some tapping points will be more effective for some than others.

I can express the affirmations I need intuitively.

Thus, the effectiveness is improved.

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What is EFT?

To tap certain acupuncture points while expressing my feelings allows me to free myself from emotional memories.

Tapping is an effective method that I can easily apply to myself.

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