How to remove a wart naturally and permanently?

Certainly not by cutting it with scissors! 😄✂️

What is a wart?

A wart or verruca is a growth that can appear anywhere on the skin.

However, it is most common on:

  • Foot.
  • Hand.
  • Face.
  • Elbow.

The warts sometimes disappear spontaneously.

Mer grise

Causes of warts and verrucas

The 2 causes go together:

  • Human papillomavirus infection of the skin.
  • Emotional wounds.

Warts are contagious when they bleed, for example when scratching.

Symbolic meaning of the wart


  • I am trying to get something out of my body.
  • My life is based on emotional wounds (especially for the feet).
  • I live for others rather than for myself.
  • I am afraid to be loved (especially for the face).

See a doctor

In case of a wart, it is recommended to see a doctor.

Various medical treatments are available, such as liquid nitrogen.

However, if I do not explore the emotional cause in parallel, the wart may come back.

Natural solutions to remove a wart

This is mainly done through emotions.

Emotional acceptance

The HPV infection only has a hold on my body when there is an emotional wound.

A wart is a message that says: “Something in me is not aligned.”

I can use emotional acceptance to pacify myself.

It is best not to be in a hurry. It may take several months. The wart will go away on its own when its message has been assimilated.

As long as the wart is present, emotional memories or limiting beliefs remain (e.g. “If I heal, I won’t be taken care of”).

Verrue rouge
When the wart is ready to disappear, it turns red. Here, a wart on my leg.

Mix for warts

To support self-healing, I can massage my wart for 30 seconds each day with an herbal blend that may include:

  • Walnut husk.
  • Lavender essential oil.
  • Ylang-ylang essential oil.
  • Basil.
  • Black cumin oil.
  • Lesser periwinkle.

However, this action remains secondary.

The end of the wart

When all emotional memories are accepted, the wart turns red, and takes around a week to disappear completely.

It remains contagious during this stage. I should not hesitate to cover it with a band-aid to avoid rubbing it with clothes.

Once a day, to accompany the process, I can put on the wart a drop of a solution combining salicylic acid and lactic acid. This anti-wart mixture is sold in pharmacies. I leave it on for 5 minutes, then I clean with soap and rinse thoroughly.

Soleil arbres lac


How to remove a wart naturally and permanently?

Becoming aware that something wants to come out of my body and express itself. Usually, this is an emotional wound.

I can see a wart as a problem, or I can see it as an opportunity for transformation and thank it for the message.

This technique works for both warts and verrucae.

Who am I?

My name is Geoffrey Métais, and I am an emotional and trauma therapist. I can help you feel better and blossom.

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