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Unconscious mechanisms of seduction

Is seducing a need? Let’s understand why.

What is seduction?

To seduce is to adopt a behavior with the aim of uniting.

Charming is vital for many animal species: it allows them to reproduce and perpetuate the species.

In humans, despite evolution, many unconscious mechanisms are still at work to ensure the best possible compatibility.

This is why I am attracted to some individuals rather than others, without knowing why.

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All surveys confirm it: women prefer men with whom they feel confident. In other words, safe.

The need for physical security is a primary need, especially for women who are unconsciously preparing to give birth.

This explains why, as a woman, I may be more attracted to a man:

  • Muscular, therefore ensuring my safety by his strength or dominance over others.
  • Rich, therefore ensuring my safety by his money.
  • Confident, therefore ensuring my safety by his reliability and determination.
  • Intelligent, therefore ensuring my safety me safe by his intelligence.
  • Happy, therefore ensuring my safety by his balance.
  • Older, therefore ensuring my safety by his experience.

Note that these unconscious beliefs can limit me, and I can free myself from them.


In order to maximize the chances of survival of my offspring, I want to mate with someone who will ensure a good genetic mix.

This helps to strengthen the breed.

I generally look for partners who do not look like me physically. This is why light eyes are so successful with dark eyes.

I do everything possible to increase my children’s chances of survival. I look for unique attributes that guarantee genetic superiority.

Some male birds perform seductive courtship displays: songs, dances, presentations of colorful feathers… Females are attracted to males that stand out.

This is also the reason why some seduction coaches recommend a quick demonstration of added value: invent a prestigious job, dress distinctively, do a magic trick, offer a psychological test, etc.


I spread pheromones in the air in order to sexually excite the partners who correspond to me.

  • This has several interests:
  • To make sure that our physical and subtle bodies are compatible.
  • To find someone I need and who makes me feel good.
  • To guarantee enough harmony, to avoid conflicts or breakups that could endanger the life of the children.
  • To make sure that my partner is fertile.
  • To raise my vibrations through the union.

By interpreting a person’s pheromones, my unconscious mind knows if he or she has had a recent sexual encounter or not. Active sexual activity is interpreted as a sign of success, social proof of the individual’s genetic value.

These pheromones are so specific that they cannot be counterfeited, at least for now. On the other hand, a detox of the genitals can allow me to emit more pheromones of better quality.

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Emotional wounds

Life guides me to the people I need for the full expression of my being.

This is why I will attract someone with emotional wounds that complement mine.

Example: if I have the wound of abandonment, I am likely to attract someone who has the wound of rejection. Thus, if there is conflict, my partner rejects me, which fuels my feelings of being abandoned. In other words, this relationship helps me to bring my abandonment wound to light, as it prevents me from being myself.

If both partners do not take advantage of this opportunity to transcend their emotional injuries, there is a good chance that they will eventually erode the relationship.

It is interesting to note that it is common to attract :

  • Male partners who resemble my father in some ways.
  • Female partners who resemble my mother in some ways.

This helps me to identify and heal emotional wounds linked to my parents.


My unconscious beliefs dictate about 95% of my behavior.

Seductions fulfill my need to be loved, so it’s mostly my love-related beliefs that will influence sexual attraction.

For a long time, I attracted girls who had a strong temperament and who took over the relationship because I had the belief “I must be submissive to be loved”. This was a belief I developed as a child in response to my parents’ conditional love.

Physical appearance

I am more sexually attracted to beautiful people.

Beauty and youth are unconscious synonyms of good physical health and fertility.

For a man:

  • A beautiful and young woman is more likely to procreate.
  • A woman with large breasts is more likely to feed my children.
  • A woman with a slim waist has more room for my baby.
  • A woman with a large pelvis is less likely to have complications in childbirth.

For a woman, the more attractive I am the more I attract partners, and the more I have the choice to select the best one.

Some tricks allow me to be more attractive. For example, the lips of the mouth are an unconscious reminder of the lips of the vulva. The lipstick sends the signal that my reproductive organs are well irrigated, in other words: I am fertile.


The unconscious mechanisms of seduction are inherited from my animal part: their main goal is to increase the probability of survival of my descendants.

These functions are very complex and can interfere.

Example: Like most women, Jenny has the unconscious belief that a strong man will ensure the safety of her child. However, she has inherited the emotional wound of her grandmother, who was raped by a muscly man. So, she will be seduced by thin men… until she heals this wound!

If some of these mechanisms can be hacked to seduce more, it is more interesting to ask myself where this imperative need to be loved comes from. Rather than continually looking for love outside myself, I can give love to myself.

By healing my emotional wounds and freeing myself from my limiting beliefs, I find that I no longer need to try to seduce. My body knows exactly what partner it needs, and I can trust it to draw him to me.

Note that most of these unconscious mechanisms are designed for the reproduction of the species, therefore between a woman and a man. However, many of them are also at work in homosexual relationships.

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