Transformation particles

They are invisible, but probably the best food you will find here below. 😄

What are these particles?

The human being and the Earth are in the midst of a transformation.

We are currently experiencing a major transition, towards more brotherhood, love, joy, health and spirituality.

This is what some call the new world.

Certain subtle nourishing particles, which stimulate our cells, are participating in this transition.

Solar particles

The human being is light.

When we raise our vibratory rate, we emit light vibrations to the outside.

Light is our natural food.

The sun’s rays are full of stimulating particles, which we can consciously feed on.

Solar particles promote :

Thus, the sun is a central element in the creation of the new world.

Soleil ciel

Pranic particles

Prana is the energy of life, emitted by all life forms.

Pranic particles are essential to life on Earth.

Our cells are nourished by them with each breath, or each intake of food.

They promote :

  • Intercellular communication.
  • The awakening of consciousness.
  • The circulation of energy.
  • The thyroid gland.

Consciously absorbing pranic particles allows to benefit more from them.

Celestial crystalline particles

These particles come from the cosmos.

They are absorbed and integrated during conscious breathing.

They help :

  • The solar plexus.
  • The transmutation of the physical body.
  • Extrasensory perceptions.
  • Autonomy.

Celestial crystalline particles help to free oneself from emotional blockages.

Earth crystalline particles

They come from the intraterrestrial, and are from the ancient civilisation of the Atlanteans.

This subtle food favors :

  • The opening of the 3rd eye.
  • The pituitary gland.
  • Clear vision.
  • The elimination of toxins.

Adamantine particles

The adamantine particles come from the centre of the Earth.

They are a gift from the Lemurian (Mu) civilisation, for the purpose of awakening to the new consciousness.

They promote :

  • The heart chakra.
  • The thymus.
  • DNA mutation.
  • The immune system.

The best way to welcome these particles is to feel the vibrations of love.

6th dimension particles

They allow self-healing.

The sixth dimensional particles serve :

  • Adrenal glands.
  • Changes in the subtle bodies.
  • Heart rhythm.

To access them, it is necessary to raise our vibratory frequency.

Orion particles

These wave–particles originate from the Orion constellation.

They support :

  • The crown chakra.
  • The balance of life.
  • Harmony.
  • Mental clarity.

These corpuscles encourage humanity to raise its consciousness.

Eau turquoise


What are transformation particles ?

They are subtle particles that constitute the nourishment of the human being in transition.

Nourishing oneself consciously with them allows for their better integration.

This article is a synthesis of the book “Healing And Cellular Transmutation” by Pierre Lessard and Sanctus Hermanus.

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