Thyroiditis : what to do?


Hi doctor, I’d like a lovely new thyroid. 😄

What is thyroiditis?

The thyroid gland is a butterfly-shaped endocrine gland located in the neck, which :

  • Secretes hormones.
  • Balances the body.
  • Regulates.

Inflammation of the thyroid gland is called thyroiditis.

This disease particularly affects women.

The main forms of thyroiditis are :

  • Hashimoto’s thyroiditis.
  • Postpartum thyroiditis.
  • Graves’ disease.

In case of thyroid disorders, it is advisable to consult an endocrinologist, who will prescribe a TSH test.

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What are the symptoms?

Hypothyroidism is when the thyroid does not produce enough thyroid hormones. This can cause the following symptoms:

  • Fatigue.
  • Weight gain.
  • Pallor.
  • Coldness.
  • Constipation.
  • Nervousness.
  • Menstrual cycle disorders.
  • Hair loss.
  • Lack of motivation.

Hyperthyroidism is when the thyroid is overactive. This can cause the following symptoms:

  • Hyperactivity.
  • Increased heart rate.
  • Anxiety.
  • Depression.
  • Hyperthermia.
  • Weight loss.
  • Sleep disorders.

What causes thyroiditis?

There are several possible causes:

  • Emotional wounds.
  • Iodine deficiency.
  • Heredity.
  • Exposure to heavy metals, endocrine disruptors, radiation.

Symbolic meaning

  • Painful emotions are swallowed and not expressed.
  • Feeling that life is unfair.
  • Denial of the right to exist.
  • Feeling of inner emptiness.
  • Deep stored grief.
  • Feeling victimized rather than responsible for one’s life.
  • Staying on the surface of things for fear of going inside.
  • Communication from the brain rather than the heart.
  • Defeatist attitude.
  • Creating artificial security.

Which natural treatments?

Some supplements can help to improve the condition of the thyroid. They are not a substitute for medical treatment.

Emotional therapy

Thyroiditis is often triggered after a great stress: death, conflict, emotional break-up…

This is not the cause of the disease, but the last straw.

It is highly recommended to start emotional work in case of thyroid disorder.


Diet alone cannot cure thyroiditis.

However, a balanced diet is necessary to get better.

Thyroid likes :

  • Artichoke.
  • Cabbage.
  • Broccoli.
  • Zinc.
  • Dandelion.
  • Siberian ginseng.
  • Asparagus.
  • Cucumber.
  • Banana.
  • Moringa.
  • Potato.
  • Magnesium.
  • Brazil nut.
  • Selenium.
  • Dulse.
  • Peruvian anise.
  • Garlic.
  • Vitamin A and D.
  • Kelp.

Thyroid dislikes:

  • Dairy products.
  • Gluten.
  • Sweets.
  • Coffee.

Liver detox

A clogged liver, especially when taking medication, affects the thyroid.

A liver detoxification is recommended to help the body better eliminate waste.


Chinese medicine links energy, emotions and the physical body.

A few acupuncture sessions can help to restore the balance of the organs.

Often, energy blockages prevent the body from functioning properly.

Sea baths

The sea is full of trace elements and mineral salts that are essential for the thyroids.

Regular bathing in the sea helps to make up for any deficiencies.

Plage roches


Thyroiditis : what to do?

When thyroid hormone levels go up or down, there are several options.

The first thing is to look inward.

The disease often affects those who tend to keep their emotions bottled up.

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