What is a therapist?

It is a kind of miner who digs into the depths of the unconscious mind in search of emotional memories. 😄

Therapist: definition

There are so many different approaches that it is not easy to define therapeutic work.

The word therapist comes from the Greek and means “to serve, to care”.

A therapist is a person who cares for others.

This does not mean healing.

The patient heals himself. The therapist is only there to put in the best position for the self-healing process to take place.

Anyone can become a therapist, but some titles require a licence to practice: psychotherapist, physiotherapist, etc.

There is no one best therapy: each therapy is a tool that allows us to move forward on our path.

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When to see a therapist?

Seeing a therapist can be helpful in addition to medical treatment.

Often, people who see a practitioner expect a miracle cure for their ailments.

However, if they do not become actors in their own healing, then it will not last.

Everyone is responsible for his or her own life.

To give the keys to one’s health to someone else is to relieve oneself of this responsibility.

Any pain or illness is a message to be understood, which requires involvement.

A therapist accompanies and helps to understand the messages.

In case of failure, it is easy to blame the therapist rather than accept full responsibility.

This pushes us to realign our lives, and to become aware of the source of our problems.

How to become a therapist?

Being a therapist implies several prerequisites:

  • Adequate training.
  • Personal therapy.
  • Ethical values.

Some therapeutic training is quick and allows for legal practice.

However, most of the work is done individually: it is about freeing ourselves from belief systems and emotional wounds that prevent us from being ourselves.

The therapist who has not gone far enough in the introspective work puts his/her clients at risk.

The savior complex is one of the pitfalls that the novice practitioner will have to overcome. It consists of wanting to save others, rather than understanding that there is only oneself to save.

The best therapists are not those who have studied the most, but those who have gone the furthest on the inner journey.

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Therapeutic work

During each session, the therapist observes himself.

He knows that the other is only a mirror of himself.

He accepts and integrates the emotions that arise.

Being a therapist implies a responsibility towards the patients:

  • Not to interfere with free will.
  • Not to disclose information about the sessions.

The consultation

The appointment is a privileged and confidential moment which implies trust.

Therapists are not doctors: they do not heal. It is life that heals.

They create the space and favorable conditions for the healing energies to operate.

They are responsible for the smooth running of the session and for the safety of their patients.

It is not easy to explore one’s own shadow areas, hence the importance of finding the right therapist for the problem.

One should not hesitate to change therapists, or to see several of them, as the different practices are complementary.

Therapists may refuse a consultation if they do not feel suitable for the situation. In this case, they will recommend a colleague who will know what to do.

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What is a therapist?

It is a professional who is there to serve.

Being a therapist means accompanying people to rediscover who they really are.

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