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Energetic and spiritual secrets of the Vikings

Revelation: these ruthless brutes loved energy healing. 😄

Where do the Vikings come from?

The Vikings came from Scandinavia: Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

Considered as the dangerous men of the north, they were also called Normans.

Often reduced to their raids and pillaging between the 8th and 11th centuries, they originate from ancient Nordic peoples who had been present in Scandinavia for several millennia.

Outside of the warlike campaigns, the Vikings were quiet and respectful people, as the Scandinavians can be today.

Montagne Scandinavie


The conquest of many European territories was driven by:

  • Difficult living conditions: harsh climate and poor harvests.
  • The search for new territories following wars of succession.
  • The warlike superiority of the Vikings.
  • The leaders’ thirst for power, conquest and wealth.

Their expertise in wood and metal work enabled them to build strong weapons and ships – as the famous longship.


Thus equipped, these formidable warriors had no trouble subduing and pillaging Europe.

They were particularly good sailors, due to the physiognomy of their regions, made up of islands, fjords and lakes. They did not hesitate to sail up rivers.

A famous story illustrates the strength and courage of the Vikings: in 887, they were unable to cross Paris by river. So the Normans got off their Viking ships and carried them for several kilometers around the city before resuming their journey.

Vikings and spirituality

A Viking cared little for death, and lived anchored in the moment.

Legends of dwarves, giants and elves attest to a strong connection with the subtle.

Forêt soleil

Norse mythology

The Vikings honored and celebrated nature spirits, ancestors and light beings.

They regarded them as companions in their daily lives.

Personalized in legends, they were sometimes equated with deities.

The Nordic peoples did not have a religion as such.

Nordic mythology, based on oral tradition, was told in the form of epics, poems and extraordinary myths.

It was above all a spiritual path: the gods are within us.


Living permanently in contact with water, forests, wind and stones, the Normans respected their environment.

In accordance with natural cycles, they celebrated the solstices or the full moon.

The Nordic shamans were in close contact with nature, elementals, spirit animals and devas.

They were healers connected to the beyond, and were consulted when making important decisions.


Numerous sacred symbols and Nordic runes attest to an energy mastery.

The living quarters were built in such a way as to favor the circulation of energy.

Stone circles were made around energy points, promoting healing and replenishment.

To harmonize the energetic body, women and men wore metal jewelry.

Pierre runique


Who were the Vikings?

The Scandinavian civilization cannot be summed up as the ruthless Viking warriors.

They were people who were particularly close to nature and the subtle worlds.

Old Norse mythology attests to an uncommon spiritual and energetic understanding.

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