The truth about runes

The magic alphabet of the North is back in fashion. 😄

What are runes?

Runes are an ancient writing system.

Their distinctive feature is that they also serve as spiritual and energetic symbols.


Rune history

The runes were channeled by a woman mystic in Denmark some 2500 years ago, before spreading throughout Europe, particularly among the Germanic and Scandinavian peoples.

It was not an alphabet used to transmit knowledge, as these cultures relied mainly on oral tradition.

It was mainly destined for short inscriptions on steles or objects.

Because of their angular and linear nature, these signs were suitable for engraving on solid surfaces.

Runic alphabets

The runic alphabet has evolved over time. Each culture had its own version.

The most widespread versions were :

  • Elder futhark, with 24 characters.
  • Younger futhark, or Scandinavian runes, with 16 characters.

The Latin alphabet replaced the runes as a writing system. However, they’re back in vogue as magical and divinatory symbols.

Runic symbolism

Each sign has a phonetic value, but is also linked to symbolic meanings:

  • Gods.
  • Animals.
  • Elements of nature.
  • Emotions.
  • Concepts.

A rune always has several meanings. For example, the second letter ᚢ named Ur, found in both elder and younger futhark, can mean :

  • Iron.
  • Renewal.
  • Rain.
  • Auroch.
Rune arbre

Magic meaning

Since their creation, runes have always been considered sacred characters.

The word rune means :

  • Whisper.
  • Mystery.

This secret writing was handed down from generation to generation by castes of initiates.

Linked to the gods and goddesses, the mysterious runic letters were used for religious and spiritual purposes.

Runic divination

The Vikings were fond of divination, and used runic magic to :

  • Make important decisions.
  • Obtain indications.
  • Predict the future.

Runic divination involves picking out some runes engraved on small stones or pieces of wood, then throwing them.

Depending on the symbols and their arrangement, an intuitive initiate can interpret the divinatory messages.

Energetic symbol

An engraved, drawn or simply visualized rune also has energetic power.

It can be used to:

  • Protect.
  • Harmonize energy.
  • Raise the vibrations.

This is why runic characters can be found on jewelry.

Healing tool

Runes were widely used as healing tools.

Priests, healers and prophetesses used their power to heal.

They were used in spells to facilitate the healing of specific illnesses.

For example, some runic symbols could be inscribed on a piece of bark placed close to the sick person.



What is the truth about runes?

These Norse symbols were much more than a simple writing system.

They were used for spiritual, religious, energetic and therapeutic purposes.

They provided the link between man, nature and the divine.

Nowadays, the runic alphabet is mainly used as a tool for spiritual awakening.

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