The Hittites


Ancient Turks forgotten in the history books, endowed with a legendary intuition.

Who were the Hittites?

The Hittites were a people of Anatolia, who dominated the region between 2100 and 1200 BC.

The kingdom was one of the most powerful in the Middle East during this period.

The Hittite civilization was rediscovered in the 19th century during excavations.

This mountain people is mentioned several times in the Bible.

Genesis states that they are the descendants of Noah: in other words, Atlanteans who survived the disappearance of Atlantis.



The Hittites were successful warriors, allowing them to subjugate many peoples.

Given the size of their territory, they were regularly attacked by their neighbors from all sides.

They had several rivals in the Middle East, in particular:

The battle of Qadesh, lost in 1275 BC against the Egyptians, greatly weakened the kingdom.

From then on, the internal revolts of subjugated populations led to its decline, a few decades later.


The Hittites take their name from Hatti, a region in central Anatolia.

Their main capital was Hattusa, now a UNESCO archaeological site.

Excavations at Hattusa revealed:

  • Thousands of written tablets.
  • The royal archives.
  • Temples and a citadel.

However, many vestiges remain to be discovered.



They were governed by a king who was in charge of protecting the people.

The Hittite king was surrounded by advisors who helped him to make important decisions.

As for the pharaoh, these advisors were often high priests who used their intuition.

The population was also widely encouraged to listen to their inner voice.

Some rulers were particularly inspired, and allowed civilization to flourish in all areas.

Others, led by their ego, sank into destructive wars and power struggles.


The Hittites had many deities, often symbolized by the bull.

If the people worshipped them, the religious dignitaries were spiritually awake.

Through myths, they tried to convey the message that everything is within us.

The priests had a function of intermediaries with the beyond.

They practiced :

  • Divination.
  • Magic rituals.
  • Healing.

They were connected to the spirits of nature, which they honored.

Forêt soleil


Who were the Hittites?

The inhabitants of a warrior kingdom of antiquity, which stretched between present-day Turkey and Syria.

The Hittites deserve to be remembered for being the most intuitive people of the current humanity.

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