Spiritual and energetic secrets of the Gobi

Let’s go on a treasure hunt through its vastness! 😄

Where is the Gobi?

The Gobi is a huge desert located between Mongolia and China.

Composed of steppes, stones and sand, it is populated by a few nomads.

Alternating polarity with the Atacama Desert, it acts as the coronal chakra of the planet.

Sables Gobi

History of the Gobi

Like the Sahara, the desert once enjoyed a flourishing nature.

It was a key place of healing for the Atlantean civilisation.

The Gobi land was the birthplace of our humanity 13,000 years ago.

People of O

At this time, the people of O were born.

Gathered around a spiritual master, the Master of O, its members had developed their extrasensory abilities.

They were in constant touch with the subtle.

However, ego prevailed and prevented this enlightened people from pursuing their spiritual path.

Remnants of the Atlanteans and the people of O remain under the desert, in particular stone pyramids.

Mythical places in the desert

The main symbolic places are in Mongolia.


Shambala is an etheric city located in the fifth dimension, below the temples of Khamaryn.

We all have the ability to go energetically to Shambala.

However, its gates open only to those whose intentions are pure.

The home of the ascended Masters, the city of wisdom accompanies humanity in its present transition.

The vibrations of Shambala promote transmutation.

Coline du Gobi

The Gobi crystal city

Another important place is the multidimensional crystal city of the Gobi.

It is an underground cave set with regenerating crystals and bathed in light.

The main gateway to the crystal city is located at the Ongiid Khiid Monastery.


The monastery of Demchig protects the source energy point of our present humanity.

Demchig was an Atlantean outpost that served as an energy and spiritual center.

Its researchers, together with those of Ongiid Khiid, created the subtle seeds that gave birth to inspired peoples: the ancient Egyptians and the Incas.


Tuvkhun mountain is home to a monastery in the Orkhon Valley.

It is one of the most energetic places in Mongolia, and one of the 108 secondary antennas of the Earth.

Tuvkhun allows propulsion to the sky or the centre of the Earth.

Steppe Mongolie


The Gobi is a sacred land for humanity.

It is home to vital energy and spiritual centers.

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