Energetic and spiritual benefits of the sun

The fireball in the sky that heals. Put like that, it sounds weird! 😄

Description of the sun

The sun is the central star of the solar system.

Its light allows life on Earth.

It nourishes plants, animals and human beings.

Without its rays, we would quickly die.

It gives rhythm to our days, and warms our existence.

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The divine star

The sun has been revered in all civilisations since the dawn of time.

In ancient Egypt, it is the God Ra, who crosses the sky every day to warm the world.

In Mesopotamia, it is Shamash, who nourishes souls.

For the Greeks, Helios represents the eye of the world, who sees everything.

For the Incas, the sun-god Inti is the wife of Pachamama, Mother Earth.

According to the Celts, Lugh is the son of spirit and matter.

Why sunbathe?

The sun balances different parts of our being.

Physical body

Our star has multiple benefits for our physical health.

The sunbeams are absorbed by the skin.

Photons provide energy to the cells.

Vitamin D strengthens the immune system.

The sunrays can also contribute to well-being through its soothing effect on the nervous system.


Energetic body

The energetic body feeds on solar energy.

It picks up the frequencies it needs.

Thus, exposure to the sun recharges us energetically.

Spiritual body

The spiritual body is also balanced by the rays of sunshine.

This allows us to live in harmony with everything around us.

In this way, we connect with the whole universe.

How to make the most of the sun?

The rays of light are intense in the middle of the day, and can cause sunburn.

The most beneficial sunlight is at sunrise and sunset.

We need at least 20 minutes of sun per week.

Some people have higher needs than others.

After sunbathing, it is possible to thank the sun for all that it brings us.

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How to benefit from the sun?

Our divine star honors us with indispensable health benefits.

It is pure energy, which we capture in different ways.

So what are we waiting for to go and enjoy its delicious golden rays?

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