Am I experiencing a spiritual awakening?

Not to be confused with morning awakening. 😄

Spiritual awakening definition

I am much more than just a physical body.

Spiritual awakening is about becoming aware of this and then discovering my true nature.

Life is like playing a video game, whose rules I wrote myself.

The video game is so well made, that my character firmly believes that it exists.

The events of life push me to become aware of the illusion.

Who am I really?

I think I am limited and separate from everything. In reality, I am an eternal and unlimited being.

An awakened being has understood that he does not undergo his life, but that he/she creates his/her reality.

At the moment of my incarnation on Earth, I choose to experience :

  • Separation.
  • Duality.
Arbre rouge


I am not separated from anything.

I am one with everything.

An awakening is about reconnecting with my divine nature: moving from “every man for himself” to “we are one”.

By realizing that I am my neighbor, the oak tree, the crow, the wind and the drop of water, I can help build a more just and united world.


Duality (good and evil) does not exist outside the experience of incarnation.

I experience duality, only to realize that only unity exists.

Fear exists to understand that I am only love.

How do I know if I am spiritually awakening?

A person who awakens:

  • Knows that he or she is a multidimensional being experiencing a physical body.
  • Accepts his/her emotions
  • Understands that he/she is responsible for his/her life and not a victim.
  • Discovers that the solutions to all his/her problems are within herself.
  • Learns to distinguish between ego and intuitive thoughts.
  • Understands that the outside is only a mirror of the inside.
  • Knows that the purpose of life is just to live.

How to awaken ?

To awaken is to open up and become conscious.


I feel many emotions.

They constitute the ego.

The ego dissolves gradually, thanks to introspection.

The more I go inside myself, the more I am able to differentiate my true nature from the character constructed by the ego.

Me a few years ago, in a Buddhist monastery in Thailand


Life is pushing in the direction of the collapse of the ego:

  • Unpleasant experiences are repeated.
  • They are caused by emotional wounds.
  • By accepting my emotions, I transform ourselves.
  • Step by step, I become myself again: a being of light incarnated.

Emotions are the gold nuggets that allow me to re-light my star.

The event that triggered my awakening was my hypnosis training. I became aware that I had many memories within me, and that I was repeating the same situations over and over again. Once I started to explore myself internally, I became more conscious.

I find out how to accept my emotions..

Being present

When I get lost in my thoughts, in the past and the future, I am not here and now.

Behind these mental ruminations, emotions are hidden.

By being present, I live, and I reconnect to my essence.

Being present means living in consciousness, i.e. being conscious of what is happening within me.

Spiritual awakening is accompanied by an awakening of consciousness.

How long does a spiritual awakening take?

Self-realization is not a goal, it is a path.

It is a process that takes time.

The path to awakening is a beautiful one. It is made of awareness, revelations, transformations and unforgettable experiences.

It is the path of love.

If I want to know how long awakening lasts, it means I see it as a goal to be reached. But only the ego needs goals.



What is spiritual awakening?

It is becoming more conscious.

To awaken is to transcend memories, wounds, beliefs and desires in order to unite with all parts of myself: Soul, spirit, body.

In this way, I experience the illusion of incarnation, and I become truly myself.

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