How to connect with spirit guides?


What are they for? How to communicate with them?

What is a spirit guide?

We all have one or more spirit guides assigned to us at birth.

They are subtle, invisible beings, imbued with wisdom, mandated to guide us from a higher plane.

They love us unconditionally, and accompany us at all times.

I distinguish the permanent guides from:

  • The spirit animal.
  • The Guardian Angel.
  • The guides and beings of light who assist us punctually.

It is possible to change guides in the course of a life, according to our level of spiritual awakening.

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Who are they?

Our light guides can be :

  • Ancestors.
  • Ascended masters.

But not necessarily.

Some have incarnated on Earth, others not.

They are beings, more evolved than us, who accept to guide us during this incarnation.

A spiritual guide is someone who has mastered the lessons of life.

The more they help us, the higher they rise.

What is a spirit guide for?

A spirit guide has several missions:

  • To guide.
  • To teach.
  • To advise.
  • To encourage.
  • To cooperate with other guides or spiritual beings for our benefit.
  • To promote our spiritual awakening.
  • To inspire.
  • To place certain people or situations on our path.

Spiritual guides offer guidance, but because of the universal law of free will, the final choice is always ours.

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Communicating with your spirit guides

There are many ways to get in touch with your guides.

Some hear voices, others use intuition, or channel to communicate with them.

Guides hear us, and we can talk to them. Acknowledging that they are here is the first step.

If we have a question and ask for their help, they will find a way to get the answer to us, for example:

  • Through synchronicity.
  • By instilling a thought into our mind.
  • In our communications with others.
  • In dreams.
  • Through intuitive writing.
  • During a meditation.
  • In an altered state of consciousness.
  • By reading a book.
  • Through someone who is channeling.
  • During an astral projection.

They will provide us with the information we need to be aware of, when we need it.

Can a guide be wrong?

If a message is inconsistent, or leads down the wrong path, it is easy to blame the guides.

“What are you doing up there? Why is my life a succession of unpleasant events?

But a spirit guide is all love, light and kindness. He/she never gives orders, just advice that we can follow or not.

It is our own emotions that can interfere with their messages.

Example: I receive advice to put such and such an ingredient in a recipe, while I am cooking for the whole family. It makes the dish taste bad. I receive criticism. This advice did not come from my guides, but from a part of myself, so that I could experience disappointment, or the feeling of betrayal. And so understand that there is an emotional memory to be accepted.

Honoring your guides allows to build a relationship of trust: by asking for their guidance, and by thanking them.



How to connect with spirit guides?

They are wise and loving allies who light our way.

Everyone has at least one guide.

There are many ways to connect with your guides.

They accompany us in order to fulfill our mission of incarnation.

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