How to find my spirit animal?

Going to the zoo to see which animal gives me a smile. 😄

What is a spirit animal?

Everyone has a spirit animal assigned to them to help.

It is a animal tutelary spirit that accompanies and guides.

There are as many spirit animals as there are animal species. The most common are :

  • The eagle.
  • The lion.
  • The wolf.
  • The owl.
  • The elephant.

Each animal has its own qualities.

Example: the ladybug provides the link between earthly and celestial energy.

In addition to the spirit animal, it is possible to be supported by other animals, temporarily or permanently.

It is also possible to change the power animal in the course of a lifetime.

I was guided by the white horse, and the lion has recently taken over. However, the horse is still very present.


What is it for?

The spiritual animal has several functions:

  • To support in difficult situations.
  • To guide.
  • To give confidence.
  • To protect energetically.
  • To accompany spiritually.
  • To enlighten in case of doubts.

It can also lend some of its qualities, if needed.

Example: John is unsure about leaving his job. His spirit animal is the beetle, good at making decisions. John can seek its support to select the best option for him.

How to discover your spirit animal?

There are several ways to know the animal that guides us:


Calling your spirit animal before going to bed allows it to appear in your dreams.

You may have to try several nights.


If one regularly comes across an animal, there is a good chance that it is the totem animal.

You can also ask the animal’s spirit to manifest itself through signs.

Perhaps it will appear in the garden, drawn on a wall, as a toy in a shop window, in a wildlife documentary, etc.


A therapist

Some therapists have the ability to connect with the power animal.

They can also deliver messages from it.

What is the spiritual meaning of my power animal?

There are countless websites that give the qualities and symbolism of the guide animals.

What is important is what resonates with you.

The best way to know the meaning is to ask your guardian animal directly!

How to communicate with your animal?

One can speak directly with one’s healing animal through intuition.

The easiest way to do this is through intuitive writing.

Simply write down a question and then write down the answer that comes to mind.

Parasite thoughts or emotions can interfere with the message.

The spirit animal is benevolent, loving and positive.

It is always available.



How to discover your spirit animal?

The power animal is a powerful ally, especially in difficult times.

It is possible to identify it by asking it for signs.

Then you can get in touch and communicate with it.

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