What is the meaning of the southern cross?

Discover the famous stars that inspired the cross designers. 😄

The constellation

The southern cross is an easy to recognize constellation, based on 4 bright stars forming a cross.

It has always helped sailors to identify the south celestial pole.

Its stars have fascinated all civilizations.

For several centuries, it is mainly visible from the southern hemisphere, which it represents as such.

Thus, several countries in the southern hemisphere have decided to inscribe the stars of the southern cross on their flag: Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, etc..

It represents life in the Atlantean tradition.

The Inca cross

The Inca cross or chakana, still used today, is much older than we suppose.


Although inspired by the constellation, its meaning is profound.

The 3 levels, reminiscent of the pre-Columbian pyramids, represent the link with the universe, and in particular :

  • The intraterrestrial.
  • The Earth.
  • The extraterrestrial.

The Incas recognized life in these 3 spaces.

The chakana is also about the 4 cardinal points.

Its form is the representation of the omnipresence of life at every level.


The Agadez cross

The southern cross is also a silver jewel, emblematic of Niger.

Named the cross of Niger or teneghelt, it is passed down from generation to generation.

Some crosses are used in healing rituals, or in initiation ceremonies.

The Agadez cross consists of a ring and the four cardinal directions. It descends from the ankh, the Egyptian loop cross, which represents eternal life.


It is also linked to the astrological symbol of Venus, which evokes femininity, fertility, in other words life.

Symbole Venus

Note that although Niger is located in the northern hemisphere, the constellation of the Southern Cross is visible there several months a year. Thus, it guided the caravans of the Sahara desert.


What is the meaning of the southern cross?

It is a constellation symbolizing life, which has inspired human beings.

It can be found in two evocative symbols: the Inca cross and the Agadez cross.

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