How to raise the energy of a place?

Avoiding the mother-in-law’s visit. 😄


When moving into a new house, it can be useful to energetically clean the place.

Some simple solutions can also help to raise the vibration, and to feel better: this is called geobiology.

The history of the place

If a place has a heavy history, it can cause feelings of unease, or sleep disturbance.

Here are the different causes that can affect the energy of a site:

Low energy

The vibrations of a space depend on :

  • The energy of those who live or work there.
  • The energy of the previous inhabitants.
  • The energy of the neighbours.
  • The energy of items.
  • The energy of the location.
  • The surrounding nature.
  • Activities that have taken place.

Example: it is not advisable to build a house on the site of a former slaughterhouse.


The walls record the emotions of previous occupants.

A house that has seen physical or moral abuse, will most likely be affected.

For example, a flat that has had many quarrels is more likely to provoke arguments in its new tenants.

Appartement piano

Deceased spirits

We all have haunted houses in mind.

It is indeed quite common to have spirits of the deceased in homes.

The deceased may be trapped on the earthly planes, if their death is sudden.

Some people, especially children, may feel a presence or even see a ghost.

Fortunately, most deceased spirits are loving and protect the home.

Dead spirits with negative intentions are driven by emotions, for example anger over an unjust death. In this case, slamming doors or moving objects may occur.

If you think your house is haunted, it is advisable to contact an experienced psychic medium to help the deceased spirits to join the light.

Nous avons tous en tête les maisons hantées.


In some areas, there may be the presence of spells or paranormal.

It is advisable to call on a geobiologist, who with the help of a pendulum or rods, will be able to neutralize the contrary energies.


Once the main causes of disharmony have been detected, some simple actions can be taken to purify and energize a home.

This is just an overview of what can be done.


Lighting an incense stick is a must. It helps to energetically cleanse a place.

The first time, it is advisable to spread the smoke of the stick throughout the house, and in particular in dark rooms where the energy does not circulate well:

  • Under beds.
  • In cupboards.
  • Under the sink.
  • In the basement.
  • In the attic.

Thereafter, one stick per month in the heart of the household (usually the living room) is usually enough.

The elders did not necessarily have incense, and smoked the houses with dried plants, mainly:

  • Mugwort.
  • Sage.
  • Lavender.

Sending love

One of the simplest ways to raise the vibrational energy of a house is to send love.

You can take 30 seconds a day to love your home while you restore harmony.

Maison Lac Montagne


It may seem obvious, but a properly maintained house will be a better place to live:

  • Tidy up.
  • Clean regularly.
  • Ventilate.
  • Let the sunshine in.
  • Avoid energy build-up in certain places (typical example: under the sink).
  • Repair leaks.
  • Repaint if necessary.


Some pets have the ability to raise the vibrations.

Cats are often able to drive away hostile entities.

Dogs radiate love.


Green plants or flowers are great for restoring the energy of places.

They absorb harmful waves.

The only condition is to take care of them and to give them love.

Feng shui

Feng shui is a thousand-year-old Chinese philosophy based on many principles.

Its aim is to harmonise the flow of energy in households.

It is possible to call on the services of a feng shui expert if you wish to live more harmoniously.


Some objects or furniture can have a heavy history, and affect the balance of the home.

In this case, using radiesthesia can help to detect them.

An item which regularly attracts attention, and which you do not like much, is probably to be removed.

In extreme cases, some objects are so negatively charged, that it is advisable to put them in a bag and bury them away from home.

Sometimes they just need to be moved to another room.

For example, knives stored with the tip up should be turned over.

As the energy increases, things that are incompatible start to break.

Example: the microwave breaks down, some glasses fall, light bulbs burn out.

Table lumière

The guardian

Every piece of land or building has a subtle guardian, who takes care of it.

You should be on good terms.

You can talk to him/her, and ask for help.

He or she will answer us through intuition.


How to raise the energy of a place?

A property can be energetically loaded for several reasons.

This can affect the atmosphere within the family or the office colleagues.

Fortunately, there are solutions to restore the vibrations, and live better.

Some professionals are qualified to help restoring the harmony.

They can also help moving magnetic or telluric lines.

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