What is radiesthesia?

It’s using a pendulum in a scientific way. 😄

History of radiesthesia

Radiesthesia is a practice that has always accompanied human beings.

Our distant ancestors knew what energy was, and how to handle it:

  • The dowser, with his rods, has existed since prehistoric times.
  • The ancient Egyptians were experts in energy.
  • In India, the Brahmins were using radiesthesia 4000 years ago.
  • In China, the use of dowsing rods to select building sites or detect springs was common 3000 years ago. Even today, Feng Shui practitioners use radiesthesia in houses.
  • Megalithic sites, pyramids, monasteries, temples and cathedrals are almost always built on places with strong telluric currents.

As radiesthesia involves invisible energies, many dowsers and pendulum users have been accused of witchcraft over the centuries.

The fact that dowsing can accurately determine underground metal sources and seams is indisputable. Although many scientists have been able to observe the phenomenon for several centuries, modern science is slow to provide a commonly accepted explanation.

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Definition of radiesthesia

The word “radiesthesia” was coined by the famous father Bouly in the early 20th century. It is formed from “radius”and “aisthesis” (sensation in Latin): to feel the radiation.

All bodies in the universe emit vibrations: a stone, a fish, a fingernail, a cell, a planet, a geometric shape, an underground river.

All these vibratory fields are constantly entering into resonance.

Dowsing tools

The practitioner picks up waves and frequencies:

  • Using external tools: divining rods, pendulum, dowsing twig, tensor, pulsor, Lecher antenna, etc.
  • Using the human body as a tool: muscle test, pendulum with the body.
  • By using the human body as a receiver: felt sense, intuition, clairvoyance.

Teleradiesthesia is radiesthesia that is performed from a map, a photograph, etc.

To summarize, radiesthesia is the use of various means to capture energy.

This energy is information, and allows access to universal knowledge – which some call the akashic records.

The possibilities of radiesthesia

The possibilities of radiesthesia are endless. Here are some of the best known:

  • Prospecting for resources: water, minerals, oil, etc.
  • Searching for missing persons, animals or objects.
  • Detection of telluric currents and magnetic fields.
  • Energy correction and optimisation.
  • Health check.
  • Archaeology.
  • Geobiology.

Why is my pendulum unreliable?

The difficulty of radiesthesia is its unreliability.

When I first tried to use a pendulum, I only got inconsistent answers: I quickly gave up.

Emotional state

In fact, while accuracy may be the result of experience, it depends mostly on the emotional state.

If an emotion needs to express itself, it will distort the answer.

For example: if the pendulum does not turn in the right direction, it is certainly that an emotion wishes to deliver its message.

If a radiesthesist is doing a health check-up for a client, his emotions as well as those of the client can interfere.

It is by doing an emotional work on oneself that it is possible to tend towards radiesthesic reliability.

Radiesthesia is therefore an excellent way to detect our emotions.


If radiesthesia is used to make a decision, the answer will always be the best solution for the evolution of the being.

Example: I use my pendulum with a money game to know where to bet. If I don’t win, I will feel disappointment or frustration. It’s not that the dowsing tool is wrong. It is that the best option for me in the here and now is to understand that I have an emotion that wants to be expressed, in this case disappointment.


Radiesthesia has often been used for divinatory purposes.

However, as the future is not yet written, it can only be a matter of probabilities.

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What is radiesthesia?

Radiesthesia is the act of picking up radiations, with or without tools.

It means connecting to the unified field of knowledge to get information.

In other words, dowsing is channeling.

Thus, many applications are possible, the most known being locating ground water.

However, our emotions can interfere with the answers we get.

Who am I?

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