Art: healing through expression

Scoop: a cripple walks again after seeing a Van Gogh exhibition. 😄

What is art?

Art is a means of expression, which takes many forms.

Examples include:

  • Music.
  • Singing.
  • Painting and drawing.
  • Sculpture.
  • Dance and physical expression.
  • Film and theater.
  • Writing.

The arts have always accompanied human beings, since the prehistoric caves.

Culture is a means of entertainment, reflection, emotion, communication, relaxation and representation.

Peinture lion

What is art for?

Artistic expression contributes to well-being at all levels.


Intuition plays an essential role in the creative process.

Artists let themselves be guided by their heart and trust it.

They look inward for what needs to be expressed.

Artistic design is a way to materialize thoughts, emotions and unconscious patterns.

By expressing myself, I get things off my chest.

Art therapy

Art has a therapeutic vocation.

Creating is much more than inventing. Creating serves to externalise the unspoken.

Many creators release their emotions through their work.

Very often, the mechanism is played out at deep levels that do not need to be conscious.


Healing as a spectator

The artist awakens the senses, the heart, the conscience.

Everyone reacts differently to the message.

Some creations can absorb me : diving into the work takes me inside myself.


  • If the artist expresses anger, it may resonate with my own memory of anger.
  • A poem can bring me indescribable joy.
  • A painting can have a therapeutic effect.
  • A ballet can move me to tears.
  • A sculpture can intrigue me without knowing why.

Art has a direct impact on emotions.


Everyone can create.

To design is to understand that I am a creator.

It brings me closer to my divine nature.

Many artists are in an altered state during the creative process.

In an altered state of consciousness, it is easier to connect to my essence.

In a way, creation is a channeling of my true nature.



What is the purpose of art?

  • To awaken to myself.
  • To feel more.
  • To open up to life and the Universe.

As a creator, it allows me to express my being intuitively.

As a viewer, it resonates with my inner patterns.

This is the magic of art: healing through expression.

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