What is a psychic medium?

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Medium: definition

A psychic medium serves as an intermediary between the dead and the living.

This implies a belief in life after death.

Everyone has this mediumistic ability to communicate with the invisible.

A spiritual medium or spiritualist has the ability to :

  • Connect with deceased spirits, stuck on the earthly plane (ghosts, in popular language).
  • Connect with the energy of the deceased having joined the higher planes.
  • Help the deceased spirits who wish to join the light. Indeed, some spirits may be stuck on the earthly plane, particularly following an unexpected death. In this way, they can continue their journey into the afterlife.

How to communicate with the dead people?

There are different ways for a medium to interact with the deceased:

  • See them.
  • Hear them.
  • Feel their presence.
  • Feel their emotions.
  • Through intuitive thinking.
  • Through radiesthesia.
  • Through dreams.
  • Through premonition.

Some have the ability to “lend” their body or part of their body to a deceased person, including :

  • Automatic writing.
  • The use of the medium’s voice.
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How to develop my psychic abilities?

Many spiritualists discover their mediumship following various apparitions or experiences.

Certain fears (of death, of spirits, etc.) prevent me from being serene.

My emotional wounds block or blur messages.

Emotional acceptance can allow me to develop my supra-conscious abilities, including the ability to channel.

This is then done in a natural way: if I wish to do, I can become a medium.

However, if I haven’t done a lot of introspection, the information I receive may be biased. Even the greatest psychics are not to be believed blindly.



What is a psychic medium?

Mediumship is the ability to interact, in many forms, with the world of the dead.

Everyone has the ability to become a medium, the only prerequisite is to do an introspection.

To find out more, Allan Kardec’s The Mediums’ Book is a must.

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