How will politics look like in the future?

Conflicts between the left and the right wings are enough! 😄

The world today

The world cannot go on like this.

Despite some advantages, capitalism encourages :

  • The destruction of the planet.
  • Personal enrichment.
  • Inequality.
  • Competition.
  • Pollution.

However, this flawed system survives because human beings are themselves flawed.

They are entangled in :

  • Their emotions.
  • Their beliefs.
  • Their impulses.
  • Their desires.
  • Their egos.
  • Their lust for money and power.

The world will be better when we are better.

Mer ciel gris

The new world

Thanks to the awakening of consciousness, the human being is currently transforming.

By vibrating at a higher level of consciousness, he/she sees further than his/her own navel.

Rather than being a victim of circumstances, he/she becomes the creator of his/her life.

His/her extrasensory faculties emerge, and he/she connects to the invisible.

The new world is based on the following values:

  • Mutual aid.
  • Non-violence.
  • Compassion.
  • Acceptance.
  • Joy of living.
  • Spirituality.

No, this is not a utopia, it is the only long-term solution!

The politicians of the future will be inspired, as in certain enlightened civilizations of the past.

The reform of the world requires first internal reform : introspection.

They will be the voice of the people and not subject to financial constraints.

Short-term measures

There are a few measures that current governments could do that would start the change:

  • Abolish the military and ban the manufacture of weapons.
  • Simplify laws.
  • Encourage the return of profits to employees.
  • Teach children to manage their emotions.
  • Introduce complementary therapies in hospitals.
  • Ban pesticides, herbicides and plastic packaging.
  • Stop exposing children to violent images.


Current institutions are destined to be replaced.


The world monetary system no longer makes sense.

It promotes exploitation and misery.

In the future, money will be replaced by more equitable solutions.

It will be unthinkable to let someone die of hunger.

Human beings will organize themselves into self-sufficient villages and communities, and large cities will be replaced by garden cities.



Major scientific discoveries are being made about free energy.

This is the energy contained everywhere, even in the vacuum.

Once recognized, it will put an end to the race for resources and pollution.

This is only possible if human beings reconnect with nature and start respecting it.


The current health systems are dysfunctional, as evidenced by the number of sick people.

The human being of tomorrow will have understood that he/she is responsible for his/her own health.

He/she will listen to his/her intuitive guidance to move towards self-healing.

The 3 medicines will be combined:

  • The medicine of men.
  • The medicine of nature.
  • The energetic medicine.


Today, education is designed to produce employees who adapt to the economic system.

In the future, it will be the opposite: the school will adapt to the children.

Teachers will have the mission of guiding each student to develop his or her unique potential, and to align with his or her path of life.


The current justice system is based on a logic of punishment rather than accompaniment.

People who harm others suffer internally.

The human being of the future will be emotionally balanced, and will know what to do in case of unconscious impulses.

Justice will be benevolent and will go to the root cause of problems: mainly unresolved inner conflicts.

Ciel étoiles


What will be the politics of the future?

We are on the eve of a great transition, which promises to be eventful.

Human beings are evolving, and politics will have to adapt.

Governments will be at the service of citizens, not the other way around.

Who am I?

This post was written intuitively. My name is Geoffrey Métais, I am an intuitive advisor. Find out how you can benefit from my skills.

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