Our Lady of Fátima, a spiritual and energetic centre

The 50,000-witness miracle that skeptics can’t deny. 😄

Where is Fátima?

Fátima is a town in central Portugal.

Several Marian apparitions took place here in 1917.

Today, the Sanctuary of Fátima is a pilgrimage center visited by many Catholics.

The main church is the Basilica of Our Lady of the Rosary.

Statue Marie

History of the Marian apparitions

The Angel of peace appeared several times to children between 1915 and 1917.

Then, in May 1917, three of these children, cousins, saw a woman dressed in white in a holm oak:

  • Lúcia dos Santos, age 10.
  • Jacinta Marto, age 7.
  • Francisco Marto, 8.

They understand that she is Mary, the mother of Jesus. She asks them to come back a month later, at the same time.

On the appointed date, she reappears, and advises the 3 children to pray. She also foretold the death of Jacinta and Francisco (they died a few years later of Spanish flu). News of these apparitions spread far and wide.

She appeared again a month later, in June 1917. Despite the presence of a thousand witnesses, only the 3 shepherds were able to see her. On this occasion, she confided the three Secrets of Fátima to them. Little Lúcia asked if it was possible to perform a miracle, as the people were doubtful. The “Lady in White” promised one for October 13th.

The Virgin returns again in July, then August. The crowds grew larger each time.

Miracle of the sun

At noon on October 13, 1917, when the miracle was to take place, almost 50,000 people gathered in the rain.

Mary appeared to the three shepherd children at the appointed time, and for the last time. As she rose into the sky, the rain suddenly stopped.

The thousands of witnesses watched as the sky took on a variety of colors. Then the sun began to spin rapidly. It seemed to unhook itself and hurtle towards the Earth, frightening the onlookers. Eventually, the sun returned to its usual place in the sky and all was back to normal.

After the miracle of the sun, which lasted around 10 minutes, all the spectators’ clothes dried up, along with many puddles of water.

Miracle soleil

Meaning of the three secrets of Fátima

These messages are to be assimilated symbolically.

First secret

Mary presents the children with a vision of hell. The little shepherds are terrified by what they see.

It represents the world today. Suffering reigns because human beings have identified with their egos.

Second secret

The second secret foretold:

  • The end of the First World War.
  • The Second World War.
  • The end of state atheism in Russia.

Humans destroy each other because they have cut themselves off from their divine part.

Third secret

This last secret has been concealed by religious leaders, because it predicts the end of the catholic church in the longer term.

With the arrival of the new world, human beings will become aware of the abuses of religion.

Energetic center

Mary appeared at the site of the chapel of the apparitions, as this is a powerful natural energy point.

The Marian apparition and the devotion that followed increased the vibrations.

This transformative energy now benefits all visitors to the sanctuary, just as it did at Our Lady of Lourdes.

Message bouteille plage


Why is Our Lady of Fátima a spiritual and energetic centre?

Because the Virgin Mary appeared there in 1917, and performed a miracle in front of a large crowd.

The purpose of the Marian apparitions was:

  • To transform this natural power point into a place of worship that could benefit as many people as possible.
  • To show that children are naturally awake, before they become prisoners of the veils of the ego.
  • To show that miracles are accessible to all.

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