Using an oracle as a spiritual tool

I read in the cards that I needed to write about this topic. 😄

What is an oracle?

Oracle cards are also known as divination cards.

They contain illustrations, messages and meanings.

They are generally built around a specific theme, and may contain a reference booklet.

A set of oracle cards allows to :

  • Practice divination or fortune-telling.
  • Answer a question.
  • Receive messages or inspirations from spirit guides.

An oracle deck is therefore a channeling tool.

Cartes tarot

What is divinatory tarot?

Tarot cards are part of an ancient tradition of cartomancy.

They are used for the same purpose as oracle cards, however they have a well defined structure.

A tarot deck, such as the Tarot de Marseille for example, follows a particular set of rules and formulas.

How to use oracle divination cards?

Using a divinatory oracle is not complicated, provided you have developed your intuition.

The cards generally speak for themselves.

Which oracle cards to choose?

There are plenty of oracle card decks, all with different characteristics.

It is best to listen to yourself to choose the deck, with appealing images.


How to draw the cards?

The oracle cards are laid out face down.

They are usually drawn at random.

Our eye is somehow attracted to one card or another. This is called intuition.

It is also possible to use radiesthesia to draw the cards.

Some people pick one card, others pick several.

The main thing is not to think too much.

Oracle reading

Once the card or cards have been drawn, it is time to move on to the interpretation.

It is possible to use :

The reading of the oracle cards requires an emotional work on oneself to avoid the errors of interpretation.



What are oracle cards for?

Oracle cards are a tool for obtaining messages from spirit guides.

They are mainly used for divination.

Their interpretation requires good intuition.

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