New human being: what mutation is under way?

No, I’m not going to have extra arms growing. 😄

Terrestrial mutation

There is a 26,000 year cycle of transformation of the Earth‘s structure.

The last cycle started in 2012.

This implies the raising of the vibrations, as well as a change in polarity of the Earth’s coronal chakra:

  • The Gobi pole deactivates.
  • The Atacama activates.

The environment experiences a shift, as well as all forms of terrestrial life:

  • The human being.
  • The animals.
  • The plants.
  • The elementals.

The transition unfolds over several decades, even several centuries.

Nuages montagne

Human mutation

A new human race is thus being created.

Major transmutations impact :


The change has already begun.

While spiritual awakening can already be observed in many people, the intensity of the change is also causing a stir:

  • Physical and nervous tiredness.
  • Insomnia.
  • Emotions.
  • Hormonal imbalance.
  • Digestive disorders.
  • Early menopause.

For example, thyroid diseases can sometimes be linked to this mutation.

These symptoms are transient. If they persist over time, they are more likely to be caused by emotional memories.

Rochers cote personne

How to facilitate my transformation?

Everything that does not make sense for humanity currently is brought to light, in order to be transmuted.

Now, transmutation begins with oneself.

The more I open my consciousness and my heart, the more I facilitate changes.

My priority is to pacify myself emotionally, because my wounds slow down the mutations.

I discover here how to deal with emotions.

In addition, I can facilitate my transformation by :

Consequences of the mutation

The changes that are taking place in humans are gratifying in the long run:

  • Better health.
  • More joy in life.
  • Increased cognitive and conceptual abilities.
  • Hypersensitivity.
  • Awakening of the extrasensory, healing, creative and projection faculties.
  • Transformation of the energetic structure towards a toric structure.
  • Greater adaptability to the environment.
  • Increase of my power.

In addition, the transmutation to a new human consciousness will inevitably be accompanied by beneficial changes :

  • Economic.
  • Environmental.
  • Political.
  • Social.
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What is the mutation of the human being?

It is a natural process that is being intensified.

It will lead to a new human, more powerful and free, both physically and subtly.

By consciously choosing to harmonize, I can minimize the imbalances associated with the changes.

The current world is no longer sustainable, and a magnificent collective work will transform it.

However, it is not the outcome of the mutation that matters, but the appreciation of my evolution.

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