What is the muscle test?

Test musculaire

It’s trusting my fingers rather than my brain. 😄

Explanation of the muscle test

Muscle response in its present form was discovered by doctors in the United States in the 20th century.

It is the main tool used in kinesiology.

Its interest is to use the muscles of the body as a radiesthesia tool.

Thus, I can clearly get a “yes” or “no”, just like with a pendulum.

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The muscle test is a great tool for self-work.

I get an immediate response from my body, without interference from the mind, about all aspects of my life:

  • Knowing what foods I need.
  • Choosing the best option.
  • Communicate with my physical body, my unconscious mind, my heart.
  • Communicating with all that surrounds me: animals, plants, subtle beings, etc.

How does the muscle test work?

The body responds naturally to what gives or takes away energy.

When pressure is applied to a muscle, it will :

  • Imperceptibly contract, when faced with an energizing option.
  • Relax, in front of a de-energizing option.

This works with all the muscles of the body, more than 600.

Kinesiology testing is a way to connect to my autonomic nervous system.

It is the latter that causes the muscles to contract or relax.

How to do it?

The easiest way to practice muscle testing is to use the muscles of the fingers. There are many ways to do this.

My favorite test is done with one hand:

  1. The nail of my index finger is placed on my extended thumb.
  2. I ask the question.
  3. My index finger pushes on my thumb.
  4. If my thumb prevents my index finger from extending, it’s a yes.
  5. If my index finger extends, it’s a no.
Yes muscle test
No hand

The first step is to educate my heart:

  • This is a “yes”. Thank you!
  • This is a “no”. Thank you!

The second step is to ask my heart for a yes or a no:

  • Can you give me a “yes”? Thank you!
  • Can you give me a “no”? Thank you!

The third step is to ask questions:

  • Can I trust my muscle test?
  • Does an emotion want to be expressed?

A little practice is needed, but it comes quickly.

The reliability of the muscle testing

The muscle test is not reliable if an emotion wants to be expressed.

It is the best way to become aware of an emotional memory.

It can also be used during the emotional acceptance process.

It is not advisable to use the muscle test to find out the truth: there is a high probability that emotions are interfering.

However, it is adequate for selecting the best option, here and now.

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What is the muscle test?

It is an amazing tool that everyone should use.

It provides quick feedback on the best option for me in the here and now.

This is how I can use my intuitive guidance.

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