Energetic and spiritual secrets of Mount Bugarach

Sensitive to energies? Climbing this holy mountain will be an unforgettable experience.

Where is the Pech de Bugarach?

The Pech de Bugarach, or pic de Bugarach, is located in the Pyrenees, more precisely in the Corbières massif.

Its slopes are a combination of sacred forests, bucolic pastures and grey cliffs.

Its impressive profile overlooks the Aude village of the same name.

The climb is relatively easy, and takes about 1h30 to 2h.

It is located in Cathar country.

Coucher de soleil

What is special about it?

The mountain sits enthroned in a natural cirque and seems isolated from the rest of the Pyrenees.

This 1,230 meter high limestone and sandstone giant is a geological curiosity.

During the creation of the Pyrenees, tectonics sculpted these ancient sea beds.

Mount Bugarach is an inverted mountain: the layers of sediment at the top are older than those in the interior.

A rare geological phenomenon, which explains the tormented aspect of the Pech.

What is the mountain famous for?

Bugarach mountain made the news in 2012.

It brought together many people who were convinced that the world would end on 21 December 2012.

It was the only place on the planet that would be spared, and only those present on the peak would be saved.

In reality, it is most famous for being a major energy and spiritual center.

Moreover, the book Anna, the voice of the Magdalenes revealed that Jesus’ family lived at the foot of the mountain following the resurrection.

The story of Bugarach

The humanities, and in particular the Atlanteans, have always understood the importance of the mount.

It has been visited and honored for many millennia.

The Pech contains precious evidence of the past, invisible to the uninitiated eye.

Mer soleil couchant

Energy center

Mount Bugarach is an energetic high place, an antenna for the whole of Europe.

It is one of the 13 major energetic spirals on the planet, just like Mount Sinai or Mount Shasta.

It is the epicenter of a magnetic field vortex that extends over a radius of more than 400 km.

This means that it influences the whole of the Pyrenees, as well as a large part of southern France and northern Spain.

At the top, the remarkable natural energy point is marked with a stone (with a small hole).

It has the highest vibration in Europe. It is not advisable to stand on it for more than 10 seconds.

Spiritual center

However, the Pech of Bugarach is more than that: its fabulous energy has converted it into a spiritual heart.

The mount is an interdimensional portal, connected to the intraterrestrial and extraterrestrial.

It is inhabited by many elementals, and houses many treasures, including

  • Dozens of natural and man-made galleries within the mountain.
  • Tombs of spiritual masters and saints.
  • Rocks carved several millennia ago.
  • Atlantean portals.
  • Crystals programmed with subtle information.

Opportunity for transformation

The rocky peak is therefore a great catalyst, attracting many people in search of transformation.

For three days after my visit, I felt shaken. Many emotions came up.

It vibrates at such a high frequency, that people who have not done any work on themselves can be shaken, and have difficulties to live near it.

Find out how to start an emotional introspection to prepare yourself for the Pech de Bugarach.

Pech de Bugarach


To go to Mont Bugarach is to go to a place of powerful transformation.

Visitors can feel its considerable benevolent energy.

When humans rediscover their extrasensory abilities, the Bugarach peak will regain its splendor and international fame.

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    1. Hello ! There are many trees there 🙂 I don’t know which ones you are mentioning.
      For example evergreen oak (Quercus ilex), European beech (Fagus sylvatica), sweet chestnut (Castanea sativa), silver birch (Betula pendula), ash tree (Fraxinus excelsior).

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