Energetic and spiritual benefits of Mont-Saint-Michel

A big rock with an incredible history invaded by seagulls and tourists. 😄

The history of the Mount

In the year 708, the archangel Michael appears in a dream to Aubert, the bishop of Avranches. He asks him to build a chapel in his name on a rocky islet. The bishop believes it is just a dream. But it is repeated the following night. On the third night, the archangel touches Aubert’s skull with his finger and makes a hole in it. The relic of the pierced skull is still visible today.

Work begins, and Mont-Saint-Michel quickly becomes a unique and renowned place.

A benedictine abbey is founded in 966.

Medieval pilgrims come from all over Europe to worship the archangel. The monks took care of the many visitors, including some kings.

During the Hundred Years’ War, the English fail to capture the Mont, which is protected by the tides and powerful fortifications.

Today, Mont-Saint-Michel is one of the most visited villages in France.


The site

The island that houses the Mount is located on the border of Brittany and Normandy.

It is a rocky peak set in one of the most impressive bays in the world.

During high tides, the sea can recede to over 13 kilometers. When it rises, the Mont is surrounded by water.

The bay‘s landscape of legendary sands, salt grass and taciturn mounts invites introspection.

The vibrations of the Mont-Saint-Michel is high, and its energies favor healing and spiritual elevation.

The abbey

The abbey is an architectural wonder of the Middle Ages. It was not easy to build such a structure on a rock face.

Built on three levels, it can be visited almost in its entirety.

The abbey church and the cloister are located on top.

Montons baie

Archangel Michael

A gold-covered statue of Saint Michael sits atop the spire.

The archangel is the protector of the place. He accompanies visitors in a vibratory way.

The Mount is located on the Saint Michael diagonal, an imaginary line that connects 8 sanctuaries dedicated to the archangel Michael, between Ireland and Israel.

Its granite walls tell many legends, some of which made its fame.

The birth of strands

A couple of pilgrims were on their way to the Mount.

Walking along the strand, they were surprised by a thick fog.

It was then that the child was born.

Surrounded by the rising tide, they thought they would die.

An apparition of the Archangel Michael showed them the way, and they were able to reach Mont-Saint-Michel safe and sound.

Maisons granite


Mont-Saint-Michel is a legendary island on which an impressive abbey is built.

It is one of the spiritual and energetic centers of France.

The archangel Michael is honored there, spreading his benevolent energies.

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