Secrets of the megaliths revealed

No, it’s not the magic potion from Asterix. 😄

What are megaliths?

On Earth, there is a great enigma: the megaliths.

We find on all the continents thousands of works composed of stones of big dimensions.

Most of them date back to several thousand years BC.

This includes :

  • Standing stones.
  • Circles.
  • Alignments.

The mystery of their construction

How could prehistoric men, busy fighting for their survival, move such heavy rocks?

Where did their mathematical and astrological knowledge come from, allowing for titanic alignments, like the one at Carnac?

Here are some incredible facts:

  • The bluestones of Stonehenge, some of which weigh close to 50 tons, come from a quarry located 200 kilometers from the site.
  • In Cuzco in Peru, a megalithic wall is composed of enormous blocks of stone weighing up to 200 tons, embedding themselves to the centimeter in each other. According to the archaeologists, it would have taken 20 000 men working during more than 50 years to build this wall.
  • The largest monolith in the world is the Aswan obelisk in Egypt, weighing 1200 tons. How to transport such a giant?

A lost knowledge

Obviously, our ancestors used forgotten techniques, and which raise questions today, concerning :

  • The precision of the cut.
  • The transport.

The same questions arise for many cyclopean constructions, in particular the pyramids.

This goes in the direction of an advanced civilization, spread globally, having preceded our humanity.

Colonnes Egypte


The Atlanteans possessed a great deal of knowledge, and were spiritually advanced.

Those who survived the flood exported their knowledge to all continents, 13,000 years ago.

Transformation of matter

Some Atlantean sages, with exceptional extrasensory faculties, were able to :

  • Dematerialize matter.
  • Rematerialize it in another place.

Thus, they could create monoliths with the desired forms, starting from raw rock.


The technology of antigravity was known to the Atlanteans.

It made it possible to transport immense blocks of stone over hundreds of kilometers.

Most of the terrestrial megaliths were transported in this way.

All this seems unthinkable today, but we are not far from reproducing such acts.

What were the megaliths used for?

Our glorious ancestors mastered energy.

The stones are placed on power points, like acupuncture points on the Earth where telluric currents are concentrated.

They capture natural energies, and their positioning amplifies and focuses them.

Most megalithic constructions, like cathedrals, are designed to increase the vibration of human beings.



What is the secret of the megaliths?

The huge blocks of stone were cut and moved using Atlantean spiritual techniques.

Today, this knowledge has been lost… temporarily.

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