Spiritual meaning of infinity symbol

Nobody knows, we never got to see the end of it! 😄

What is the symbol for infinity?

The infinity symbol ∞ or lemniscate is a pivoted 8, loaded with strong symbolism.

It is used to represent the balance between :

  • Matter and invisible.
  • Life and death.
  • Love and fear.

This sign was already used by the Atlanteans, to mean the same thing.

Banc lac automne

Matter and invisible

Man and woman know inwardly that matter is only an illusion, and that there is a whole world invisible to the eye.

The Earth is physically and temporarily limited. However, I can look up to the sky and admire the billions of stars to understand that this is only a glimpse of infinity.

Life is a dance between the two complementary poles of the matter and the invisible.

Life and death

Death is not an end, but a passage.

The human being believes that he or she is limited to a physical body, whereas he/she is both body, spirit and soul.

The ∞ symbol represents the infinity and immortality of the being.

Love and fear

Love and fear are two sides of the same coin.

When I love, I live in harmony.

When I am afraid, I prevent myself from living love.

Actually, everything is infinite love. It is only by experiencing fear that I understand it.

Arbre forêt


The infinity symbol shows me that everything is one.

Duality is part of earthly incarnation, but beyond appearances the two loops are one.

The connection of the two opposites allows to understand that duality hides unity, and that infinity is unity.

The symbol can go on forever in a continuous loop: without a starting or ending point.

So why limiting myself?

How to become unlimited?

I create my own limits, through my unconscious beliefs and fears.

Paul is hesitant to change jobs. In fact, this doubt is due to a fear of change, and insecurity. He also has a family belief that it is better not to take risks in life.

It is through emotional acceptance and spiritual awakening that I can break my chains.

Infinity is an opportunity to realize that I am as divine as anything else.

Ciel galaxie


What is the meaning of the infinity symbol?

It represents the balance between opposites.

The infinity sign teaches me that duality is only an illusion, which prevents me from being unlimited.

I can free myself from conditionings and emotional memories to become myself again.

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