Spiritual meaning of the flower of life

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What is the flower of life?

The flower of life is the most famous symbol of sacred geometry.

Based on the golden ratio, it is composed of :

  • 19 intersecting circles.
  • 2 unifying circles that surround the whole.

Its appearance is reminiscent of the petals of a flower, hence its name.

Phare mer

Where does this symbol come from?

Flowers of life have been found :

  • In temples in ancient Egypt, China, Japan and India.
  • In an Assyrian palace.
  • In the works of Leonardo da Vinci.

In reality, the flower of life is older. It is a heritage of the Atlanteans.

Scientific explanation

Nassim Haramein is the first physicist to have explained its origin.

Extrapolating the flower of life in 3 dimensions, it looks like an assembly of spheres.

This is exactly how the Planck Spherical Units, which make up the space-time, are assembled.

The Planck length is the smallest known dimension, so it happens at the quantum level, in the infinitely small.

The Universe is composed of an infinite network of flowers of life in 3D.


What is its meaning?

It represents the invisible thread of the Universe.

In other words, I am connected to everything, thanks to the flower of life structure of all that exists.

The symbol of the flower of life is a visual representation that allows to understand that :

  • There is no such thing as a vacuum.
  • Everything is energy.
  • Everything is connected.
  • We are one.
  • I can access all the information of the Universe.

How could ancient civilizations, who did not know the microscope, have discovered the geometric structure of the Universe?

The flower of life is the proof that our ancestors had access to advanced knowledge.

What is the flower of life for?

It is not only a representation.

It is also a sacred geometry shape, a geometric figure with energetic power.

It allows to harmonize the energy and to increase vibrations.

The flower has multiple applications, including :

Ciel étoilé


What is the meaning of the flower of life?

It is a holy geometric symbol that symbolizes the Universe and its unity.

It is also a powerful energetic tool.

Who am I?

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