The danger of magic formulas

Be careful before saying “abracadabra”! 😄

What is a magic formula?

These are words and sentences with a magical effect, i.e. without any rational explanation.

Their use is sometimes accompanied by gestures, such as the sign of the cross.

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These formulas are particularly used by :

  • Faith healers.
  • Bone-setters.
  • Folk healer.
  • Burn healers.
  • Black magic practitioners.
  • Sorcerers.
  • Traditional healers.

What are they for?

A magic formula consists in invoking occult forces in order to :

  • Heal.
  • Harm.
  • Protect.
  • Perform sacred rituals.
  • Control natural elements.

Where do they come from?

Magical incantations have always accompanied human beings.

Most have been passed down through oral tradition.

Originally, each formula was channeled by an intuitive person in touch with the subtle worlds.

But even if the intention is noble, many people are controlled by entities without realizing it.

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Do magic formulas work?

Yes, most formulas and prayers work.

At least they have effects, which depend on a number of parameters:

  • The formula.
  • The person reciting it.
  • The intention.
  • The receiver.
  • The subtle energies.

Some health professionals frequently call on the services of a faith healer, especially for burn victims.


The main danger of magic formulas is that we don’t know :

  • Where they come from.
  • Their effects.

As with mudras, most secret incantations come from hostile energies wishing to consolidate their power or recover energy. The same applies to sentences with a religious slant.

A formula passed down from generation to generation to talk fire out can indeed relieve burns. However, it can also feed an egregore, or open the door to entities.

Only the highly spiritually evolved beings can ensure the safety of a magic formula. And they usually don’t use any.



What is the danger of magic formulas?

Popular with apprentice sorcerers in the process of spiritual awakening, they can have uncontrolled harmful effects.

Rather than using ritual formulas, it’s wiser to channel healing energies in full consciousness, in close connection with my healing guide.

If I think I am the victim of magic formulas or black magic, I can call in a specialized therapist.

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