How to explain iridology?

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What is iridology?

Iridology has its roots in ancient Egypt, before its integration into traditional Chinese medicine.

Hippocrates, the father of medicine, said: “Such are the eyes, such is the body“.

It was “rediscovered” by Doctor Ignatz von Peczely in the 19th century in Hungary. The story goes that the young man found an owl with a broken leg and decided to take care of it. He observed a dark spot in its eye, which faded away as the bird recovered. When he became a doctor, he remembered this event and noticed similar phenomena in his patients.

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Iridology is the observation of the iris of the eye, a concentric muscle, to diagnose the patient’s physical disorders.

It can also be used as a preventive measure, even before physical symptoms appear.

The iridologist uses a map of the iris, which allows him/her to know which part of the body is malfunctioning. For example, a spot in a certain area may indicate a liver disorder.

The use of modern technology now allows a more accurate interpretation.

Why does iridology work?

The eyes are connected to all the organs. If an organ is suffering, it sends distress signals to the rest of the body. The body will mobilise to help it as much as it can. This way, the diseased organ receives cells to regenerate itself.

The color of the eyes will show the failures of the other organs, because by sacrificing part of its cells, the eye will lose certain non-vital characteristics… like the colour of the iris.

Thus, the iris is a window on the health of the body.

Both eyes are important, as they provide complementary information.

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When to see an iridologist?

Iridology can help to complete the doctor’s diagnosis, or to alert to a possible weakness.

The iris is one of the best ways to reveal the vitality of a body.

More than 90% of physical health problems are reflected in the eyes, either in the iris or the white part of the eye.

How does a consultation work?

The consultation can take place in the office or at home.

The iridology exam is quick and safe. It is often carried out during a naturopathy session.

Iridologists use devices that magnify the iris.

They observe spots, milky appearance and marks.

They establish a diagnosis, thanks to the eye chart which makes the link with the rest of the body.

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Emotional acceptance

While iridology works wonders in revealing organ failures, it remains a tool for analysis.

It can be interesting to combine it with emotional introspection.

The right iris of Jenny reveals that the stomach is in pain. Behind this disorder, there are several emotional wounds from childhood. For example, a fear of dying at the age of 3. By healing the memories, the stomach gradually recovers. The spots in the eye of Jenny disappear.

Find out how to use emotional acceptance.

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How does iridology work?

Iridology is the observation of the iris to diagnose the body’s ailments.

It gives precious indications on the emotions to be accepted.

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