What is intuitive guidance?

It’s walking down the street not knowing where I’m going, but everything is planned. 😄

What is intuition?

I can be guided by my intuition: this is called:

  • Intuitive guidance.
  • Self guidance.
  • Spiritual guidance.
  • Inner listening.

Intuition is the little voice within me.

Thus, I receive communications, in the form of thoughts, feelings, visualizations, writing, etc.

Emotional memories prevent me from receiving my intuition, or hide it in my thoughts.

To gain intuition, introspection is necessary.

In this way, it becomes more and more reliable.

After a while, I can trust it to the point of letting myself be guided.

Forêt lumière

What is a guidance?

Intuitive guidances are about trusting the intuition, for small everyday things or big decisions.

Example: using my felt sense in the supermarket to know which products to buy.

In this way, I receive advice “in my ear”.

I can be guided at any time to the best possible option.

Life becomes much simpler. It is like having a cheat sheet at all times.

In this way, I can be guided towards the choices that correspond to my essence.

The greatest figures in history, such as Leonardo da Vinci or Jesus, were guided intuitively.

Who is guiding me?

These are my cells, in connection with my higher consciousness and my spirit guides.

There is always a risk of being guided by malicious subtle beings. This can happen if I am not sufficiently aligned and grounded, and if my fears attract them to me. To recognize such beings, I can look at the result of my guided actions: do I make others suffer?

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Why be guided?

When I am guided, I listen to my being rather than my mind.


  • I know what to say and when.
  • I know how to cook the perfect dish, without needing a recipe.
  • I know where to go, I don’t need a GPS.
  • I communicate with my body.
  • I know what actions to take in my work.
  • I am guided to the best gift to give to my loved ones.
  • This blog post is entirely dictated to me.

The option I am guided to is not always the most pleasant, but it is the one I need.

For example, by letting myself be guided I missed a plane. I could have believed that my inner guidance was unreliable, but I realized that it was the opposite. I was guided to this outcome to feel many emotions (disappointment, anger, frustration, etc.) and to accept them.

My inner voice is guiding me to the authentic version of myself. It encourages me to unfold my talents, in accordance with my life path.

Thus the Soul gives the direction, the mind decides whether to follow it or not, and the body acts.

It may seem that allowing myself to be led entirely is contrary to the universal law of free will. In reality, I have the choice of whether or not to follow the personalized guidance I receive.



What is intuitive guidance?

It is trusting the intuition to the point of allowing myself to be guided in my daily life.

In this way, I can follow my guidance, which leads me to what I have come to experience.

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