How to interpret dreams?


À quoi servent les rêves et comment les comprendre ?

What is a dream?

We dream every night. Sometimes there are certain dreams that are repeated, or whose memory remains vivid after waking up.

Dreaming is an altered state of consciousness.

Dreams tell stories, in which we are immersed and which seem real.

A dream is an illusion that makes us forget life.

At night, the human being reconnects with his or her essence.

Dreams are the expression of this essence.


Why do we dream?

The experience of incarnation is a disconnection from our nature, to experience separation.

Sleeping allows us to reunite all parts of ourselves.

We dream to express unity.

During the night, we are projected into our unconscious to explore our imbalances through dreams.

A dream is a channeling of our divine part, which contains information necessary for our evolution.

Most of this information does not need to be consciously understood.

Only nightmares and dreams that we remember contain messages for our conscious mind.

Lac forêt

What are the meanings of dreams?

There are certain broad outlines of the symbolic meaning of dreams.

However, each dream has its own meaning.

Understanding your dreams allows you to receive their messages.

A nightmare, for example, is an emotion that wants to be expressed.

To interpret a dream, you might as well ask directly for its meaning via intuitive writing.



How to interpret dreams?

Dreaming is an expression of reconnecting to our essence when we sleep.

The best way to understand a dream is to channel its message, which is different each time.

Thus, intuition is the key to decoding dreams.

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