How to increase my vibration?

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What is a vibration?

Everything in the universe is energy, vibration, frequency, information.

Thus, each living being, each thing, each place, each word, each thought has a vibration, which can be measured.

All these vibrations interact and influence each other constantly:

  • Watching the news on television lowers the frequency.
  • Going for a walk in the forest increases the frequency.

The vibration is therefore constantly changing.

It is also called :

  • Vibrational energy.
  • Vibrational frequency.
  • Vital energy.
  • Energy vibration.
  • Vitality.
  • Spiritual frequency.

How to measure the vibrational energy?

In 1935 Alfred Bovis, a French radiesthesist, invented a system for measuring vibrations: the Bovis unit (BU).

The Bovis dial and scale are commonly used, together with the tools of radiesthesia: pendulum, rods, felt sense, muscle test, intuition, etc.

However, emotions can interfere with measurements.

The average human being is at 8750 Bovis units.

A baby will have a higher frequency than a multi-recidivist murderer.


  • Positively influencing my environment.
  • Facilitating spiritual elevation.
  • Healing my emotional wounds more easily.
  • Developing supra-conscious abilities: intuition, clairvoyance, telepathy, etc.

A high vibration is not always helpful

There is no need to systematically choose the highest vibration.

For example, it is not the highest vibrational quality food in the supermarket that is the most beneficial. It is the one that my physical body needs now.

Besides, it is not because something vibrates high that it is good.

For example, sleeping in a Buddhist monastery, where the spiritual frequencies are extremely high, can awaken emotions.

Measuring my vibrations is useless

Measuring can be interesting in the context of learning.

However, obsessing myself about checking it every day, and celebrating having gone up 50 BUs, is pointless.

Measuring leads to comparison, and to always wanting to do better.

Behind these manifestations of the ego, fears are hidden:

  • Fear of not being loved.
  • Fear of not being perfect.
  • Fear that others are better.

There is no point in measuring my vibrational energies.

Bambou Chine

How to increase the frequency?

There are countless ways to raise my vibrations.

Generally speaking, by living a healthy, balanced, and introspective life, the vitality naturally increases.

Note that the generalized advice to “think positive thoughts” is not a solution. A negative thought is an expression of an emotion: it is to be accepted rather than repressed.


Emotional acceptance is the best way to increase your vibration.

It’s about learning to heal myself of my main emotional wounds.

Receiving therapeutic healing also contributes to this.

Some deep wounds require a rise in vibration to express themselves.

Sacred plants (ayahuasca, jurema, etc.) allow a temporary increase in vibratory frequency, which can bring many dark sides to light.


Being in contact with Nature feels good.

The Earth, the plants, the water, the sun and the animals offer me high vibrations, which can be measured.

Walking in nature also allows to recharge my batteries and to smile again.

Conscious breathing

This is slow, deep breathing.

  • I breathe in life around me, with gratitude.
  • I pause for 1 or 2 seconds, holding my breath, to integrate.
  • I breathe out vibration, offering love to everything around me.

Path of life

Many people are in jobs that do not fully satisfy them.

But each person has a unique path of life.

It allows me to flourish, because it corresponds to me completely.

I discover how to my path of life.


There are 2 sentences that have a magical effect on vibrational energies:

  • Thank you.
  • I love you.

This is especially true with water and food.

Being grateful allows me to radiate beautiful vibrations.

Making gratefulness a habit also helps to transform my outlook on life.


Laughing, enjoying the moment, appreciating the little things allows me to rise in vibration.

Increasing the energy of my home

The place where I live influences my energy.

There are several ways to increase the vibrations of a place, to feel better.

I find out how to increase the energy in my home.


Meditating is a classic way to rise energetically and spiritually.

Meditation is about looking within, and recognizing that everything is in me.


Art is a liberating, inspiring and harmonious means of expression.

Singing, dancing, painting, creating with love fills with healthy energy.

Of course, listening to a hard rock song will not have the same energetic effect as listening to a Mozart sonata.



How to increase my vibration?

The vibrational frequency is an energetic measurement.

There are many ways to increase my vibrations: introspection, walking in nature, laughing, singing, etc.

The higher my level, the better I feel.

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