Why were the Incas spiritually awakened?

Tintin’s exclusive investigation after his return from the Temple of the Sun. 😄

The history of the Inca Empire

The inca civilisation begins in the early 13th century.

It bears the heritage of several pre-inca civilisations.

How did one population among others manage to create one of the most prestigious empires in pre-Columbian America in such a short time?

It is true that the Incas first impose their domination militarily.

However, they integrate many populations while respecting their culture, their differences and their traditions. It is more of an alliance than an invasion.

Tissus incas

Thus the inca empire grows relatively quickly.

A period of prosperity follows. The inca civilisation experiences a quick boom in many areas.

It stands out for its knowledge, inspiration and innovation.

When the rulers lose their enlightened vision, they tear each other apart for the sake of power.

The Inca people become weakened and cause their own demise.

The conquistadors who arrive in the 16th century easily take over the empire.

The Inca legacy

Today, Peru displays the legacy of its prestigious ancient civilisations.

It is true that the Spanish Empire, thirsty for gold, destroyed and plundered a lot.

However, many monuments remain:

  • The sanctuary city of Machu Picchu. The rocky peak next to the lost city, Huayna Picchu, is a cosmic and earthly antenna. Beneath the sanctuary, the mountain is hollowed out with caves, tunnels and chambers.
  • The capital Cuzco, the navel of the world, which amazes by its architecture.
  • Fortresses, cyclopean walls and terraced cultures.

Many vestiges still remain to be discovered.

Who were the Incas?

The Spaniards considered the pre-Columbian peoples as inferior.

But the inca people were more enlightened than we think.


13,000 years ago, certain Atlantean sages, foreseeing the disappearance of Atlantis, decided to vibratory seed the DNA of future populations. Thus, certain spiritually enlightened civilizations were to be born: what happened in Egypt and Peru.

Terrasses Pérou

The pre-Incaic and Inca people developed remarkable abilities, such as the ability to carry huge blocks of stone.

The Inca empire became a rich space of creation and union.

The Incas had understood that everything is light, including the human being. For this reason, they honored the sun.

They were fine astronomers, connected to nature, the devas and other dimensions.

In this way, the empire was able to gather several populations around the knowledge of previous civilisations.

In addition, the priests of the Andean lands received inspirations and guidance for the Inca and the inhabitants.

The characteristics of Peru

Peru is an ancient land, where many peoples have succeeded one another.

It is located on the great energetic diagonal of the Earth, which connects the Gobi Desert to Easter Island.

Powerful magnetic fields are found here, especially at :

  • Lake Titicaca.
  • Nazca lines.
  • The sacred Urubamba valley.
Montagne vallée


Who were the Incas?

The Inca civilization was an association of enlightened peoples.

It leaves us today with a legacy that has yet to be assimilated for the most part.

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