The message of illness

Beware, polemical article! 😄

Usual treatment

If I get sick, I usually go to see a doctor.

He or she is mainly interested in my physical symptoms.

He or she prescribes treatment to eliminate these symptoms, such as pain.

The underlying causes are not explored.

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What is the purpose of the disease?

Of course, the loss of health is not pleasant.

However, beyond the suffering, I have 2 options:

  • See illness as negative: fight against it, or resign myself to it.
  • See illness as an opportunity for transformation.

We’re going to explore the second option.

What if health problems were an invitation to :

  • Listen to myself?
  • Emotionally pacify myself?
  • Stimulate the life within me?
  • Become aware of certain things?
  • Change some of my behaviours and attitudes towards life?

An American woman with lung cancer decided to try complementary therapies. After receiving several treatments from a well-known healer, she underwent further tests: the cancer had disappeared. She was delighted. She resumed her busy life as before. She traveled, didn’t take care of herself, didn’t change her diet, and continued to deny her emotions. She didn’t understand the message of her disease. A few months later, she suffered a relapse.

Symbolism of illness

Physical symptoms give me clues.

This may sound simplistic, but there’s always a symbolic meaning.


  • Sugar diabetes invites me to explore a lack of softness and love within myself.
  • An auto-immune disease invites me to pacify an internal conflict.
  • Eye problems invite me to explore wounds I do not want to see, and to recover the awe.

When I sprained my ankle last year, I needed to realize that it was time to rest, and also that part of me was afraid to move forward.

Spiritual meaning of sickness

Is getting sick always an incentive to reharmonize?

Most of the time, but not always.

A child’s terminal illness, for example, can be a Soul’s desire to experiment, or to help other Souls to live certain situations.


The path to healing

A health problem is much more than a simple dysfunction of the body: it’s a set of messages.

This doesn’t mean I don’t need to see a doctor if I fall ill.

Listen to my body

The body tells me that something is wrong, and if I listen to it it tells me what to do to get better.

The main obstacle is that nobody taught me how to listen to my inner self.

And yet, communicating with my body is possible.

If I’m unable to listen to the messages of my illness, I can seek the help of a therapist.

Emotional healing

More than 90% of all diseases originate from emotional wounds.

A pathology is a cluster of painful emotional memories that I hold within me, preventing me from unfolding in harmony with my essence.

The emotions I feel tell me about the nature of the deeper wound.

I discover how to deal with my emotions.


For a long time, I believed that behind physical ailments there were only emotional wounds, and that these had to be worked out. No, illness can’t be fought. By listening to and accepting it, the messages naturally come up.

Too often, I dread the loss of health and the pain. They make me suffer and awaken the fear of death.

The time has come to change vision. Illness is a tool for transformation.

It encourages change.

It’s the tool my being uses to realign me with my path of life.

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What is the message of illness?

It’s not there to annoy me, but to transform me.

In most cases, I am sick because of a lack of harmony.

The path to healing, if I know how to listen to myself and follow my inspirations, will realign me with myself.

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